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Letsbo year 80-84, Human Cubs

Previously at Letsbo, David arrived home to Letsbo after his University education. He fell completely in love with Gerd, who was engaged to another sim. However, she decided to break up with Richard and moved in to Letsbo. Then David and Gerd had a big wedding.
Gerd adopted a female puppy and a male dog, in hopes of eventually raising 20 puppies. Georg and Allegra, David's parents, retired and worked on their hobbies.

Gerd wants to have a baby, but she’s furious with her husband David since the Drama Professor incident at Anita Jernelid’s house, so it will probably take a while before she lets him touch her again.

Moving on

David comes home early, demoted to Flight Officer due to a bad chance card. He’s happy anyway, saluting Sofia Mattsson who’s planning to steal the family’s newspaper.

Beta, the latest puppy, grows up to an adult something. She’s fierce and hates Curre, who is supposed to impregnate her with next generation of puppies.

Already the same night, Gerd and David start to make up. She has to decide the pace. Both Gerd and David has chasen the infamous Professor off the lot during the party that David had tonight.


David even gets some make-up woohoo, but he keeps a wary eye open to check for signs that he’s not completely forgiven

David’s permaplat parents are still alive and well. They are both retired and spend their time with their hobbies. Georg aims for a gold badge in sewing and is producing quilts day and night.

Soon the dogs are enough friends to try to breed. Gerd is excited to get some new puppies!

There’s a lot of work with the two dogs, but the dogpen is a really good solution. The family doesn’t need to chase the dogs in the house. Gerd enjoys her time with the dogs, and soon there will be puppies, and maybe a human cub too...

David comes back after his unfortunate demotion, is promoted to Senior Officer and brings Mats Picaso with him home.

It really looks like we’ll have a human cub before the update is over. Let’s hope for the best. Since this is an original house, there must be at least one heir, in combination with the 20 puppies...

Saturday is party day for Popularity David. Georg entertains and gains his last skill point in Creativity at the same time. Allegra forgot to get dressed.

Early Sunday morning it’s time for a kitchen birth. For which time in the history of Sims, I don’t know.

How convenient, one boy and one girl at the same time, now they won’t have to havr any more children. They are born on October 10th ’84 and will have Common names 93 and 98, Alf and Ingela. It will be nice for family Sunday to introduce the babies to the relatives!

It will be hard to tell them apart as long as they’re small though. The only difference between them is the colour of their eyes. Alf has light blue eyes and Ingela gray.

The happy event of becoming a Farmor makes it possible for Allegra to choose a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

The Lind family is probably the smallest in Mattsmyra, since David only has one sister who in turn has only one daughter. A little more people are invited though, since Gerd's parents are alive and she has one sister and two brothers. Gerd's sister Louise lives together with My Montell, so she's invited, too.

Family Sunday at the Lind residence is turning ugly. Adam, who is Gerd and Louise’s brother catches My, Louise’s girlfriend, flirting with Louise (!) and goes ballistic. As the readers might recall, My is not the most faithful girl on the face of the Earth. The reason for Adam’s reaction must be that he is best friends with another of My’s lovers and thinks that she’s cheating on THEM.

The babies’ cousin Cecilia is a bit bored with all the adults and plays with Gerd’s dogs instead. I bet she longs for her baby cousins to grow up so she can play with them instead.

When bonding with his sister and his wife’s brother and sister in the hottub, David gets hit by lighning. The others in the tub are perfectly fine.

And this last picture represents the fact that the twins are well taken care of, and that David survived his adventures at poolside. There are no more pictures of the babies, since babies are boring and look the same anyway.


Letsbo after round 22:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Ingela Lind
Beta, the bitch
Curre, the schnauser


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