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Lottefors year 80-84, Wedding Crasher

Previously at Lottefors, Sara grew up to child and played with Jiingi the dog and a lot of friend from school. Jiingi found a mirror friend who didn't want to play. Marcus started a romance with Elisabet Hartwig. Carita worked in her business career, just to do something with her time. Simon skilled and got promoted until he reached his LTW of becoming Chief of Staff and retired. Marcus left for Uni.

Simon Montell is retired from his job as Chief of Staff nowadays, and enjoys staying at home with Jiingi, the family cross-breed.

The family awaits the homecoming of the heir Marcus and his future bride, Elisabet Hartwig, his high school sweetheart.

Simon’s wife Carita has an LTW of marrying off 6 children, but unfortunately her and Simon only got three, so now she’s wishing for peace of mind for her golden years. She is still working, in the Business career, just to possibly get a point for TOC.

The baby of the family, Sara, has mostly been brought up as an only child, since both her brother Marcus and her sister My are grown-ups nowadays. She’s usually a good girl, making her homework without too much fuzz. She just wishes for a friend apart from her parents and the dog.

Simon’s sister Anna and a friend comes by to play some poker while Carita and Sara are away. Retired life is good!

Simon is number 1 and Anna number 3 of Inger Montell’s (born Johansson) 6 children. Generation 4 of the Montell’s are 14 cousins, aged children to adults!

Friday, it’s Sara’s birthday. She’s in platinum mood, so she grows up very well, indeed.

She chooses the Pleasure aspiration – that has been a while since last time. She turns on from full facial make-up and red hair, but turns off from swimwear. She also turns out to be straight. The LTW has yet to reveal itself.

Year 83 Marcus comes home, bringing his fiancée Elisabet Hartwig of the Mattsson clan. The young couple claims the upstairs bedroom for themselves, and make sure to make the bed their own. Tomorrow, on Family Sunday, we will have a big big wedding with extended family on both sides. It will be huge, and potentially computer crashing!

Elisabet is the daughter of generation 2 Leif Hartwig and Maja (Benett). She’s got little brother Gustav, who is a clone of her, half sister Åsa Benett and adopted brother Max (Johansson) Benett.

Sara decided that her LTW is the Pleasure IW, 50 dream dates. She’ll be allowed to keep it, unless j68 succeeds to do with someone else first. It has to be done once in a simmers life!

So, since the boys j68 was thinking of pairing her up with are still little boys, she goes for a paid date the first time.

Wow! The Gypsy gives her a teen boy, and Sara finds him hot! His name is Sixten which is not so hot, but what can you do?

The rest of the family is sick with the flu. Luckily both Carita and Elisabet are Family sims, so there is always an opportunity to get some comfort soup fixed.

In the evening, the preparations for the wedding starts. Elisabet doesn’t like the chairs. The winter draws near. Hopefully it won’t be too cold tomorrow, so that the bride and groom and all the guests can enjoy a garden wedding.

This can go wrong in so many ways. 54 people are invited to the wedding and they all arrive in the morning. About half of the guests are Romancers and the other half has had affairs anyway. Let the chaos start!

Aaaand... CRASH! Aaaaand... CRASH!


Five tries later:
No, it’s just too much for my computer. Let’s get rid of the parents’ cousins and their children and we’ll see...

With “only” 30 guests, the game runs ok with low graphics. For this picture of three cousins the graphics are set to high again. We’ll see if it works...

When it’s time for the vows, the guests start to gather to see the ceremony.

On December 22nd ’84, Marcus Montell and Elisabet Hartwig are pronounced husband and wife. At least her mother and his father and a few other guests pay attention!

And the cake is cut. I really like Elisabet’s dress, it looks really nice in the back, I want one of those!

And then, vast amounts of simpagne for all (even though they are supposed to be 18 before they can drink)

While the adults and teens are emptying the stock of simpagne, Marcus’ young cousins jump up and down, cheering for the just married couple!

Right after the honeymoon, Marcus tries to start the path of both his and Elisabet’s LTWs. Marcus wants to become Head of SCIA and Elisabet wants to have 6 grandchildren, so both those LTWs are depending on Marcus. We’ll see if the honeymon woohoo yields any results for Elisabet. The job search certainly did not for Marcus.


Lottefors after round 22:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Marcus Montell
Elisabet (Hartwig) Montell
Sara Montell
Jiingi, the cross-breed


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