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Färila year 80-84, Popularity IW

Previously at Färila, Gustav grew up to a Popularity teen and cheated at chess. Leif worked on his Best Friends list and at his business Amelia's, where he fell in love with his employee Andrea. Maja got promoted in her medical career and Elisabet moved to college. Leif grew up very well to elder and continued to work his shop up to level 4, where he promoted his other employee Kenny to manager. 

Gustav Hartwig wants to have 20 pet best friends. Therefor he greets and plays with every stray that comes to Färila.


Probably he will never reach his LTW, it’s just too much work!

Leif works at Amelia’s and hopes it ill soon take off to higher levels, or else he’ll not be able to fulfill his LTW of having 5 successful businesses.

The reporter Jim is here. He looks pleased, let's hope he writes something nice!

Jim DOES write something nice – both a good review and the Best of the Best award!

Back home, Maja works on her skills while Leif works on his friends. That’s how everyday life looks like in the Hartwig household.

The studying, and a little tiny bit of help from a chance card pays off, and Maja gets promoted to Chief of Staff at age 65. It was also her LTW, so 2p to j68!

Gustav brings his second cousin Jenny with him home. They have great fun together and he finds her two bolts hot. According to the Master Plan, he is supposed to marry Melissa Montell, but he also had two bolts with Lena Berg (the one with pink hair) as long as she was a teen. Gustav and Lena will start Uni together, so we’ll see where he ends up. Since Färila is not an original house, he has no duty to maintain the farm in the family.

Leif’s employee and friend Kenny works hard at Amelia’s and earns his silver badge in register, but still no improvement in level for the store.

A couple of hours later, though, we finally reach level 5. It has taken YEARS sim time. With this pace Leif will never make it before the end of his days.

Friday night after school, Gustav sumarizes his grants, which are four, for grades, charisma, creativity and logic. Then he’s off to Uni!

And as soon as Gustav leaves the house, Leif and Maja celebrate as most parents do when they suddenly have the house all to themselves after 25 years of childcare!

Next event is Leif reaching the Popularity IW to have 30 best friends. Malin Persson is the one who gets him over the edge. He gets 30.000 aspiration points, and MINUS 15.536 influence point. It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s still 3p for j68!

Since it’s Saturday and Maja has her day off, her and Leif both are going to Amelia’s to work. Leif sells his cousin Emilia a new hot black-and-white outfit and now wants her to buy some perfume, too.

Back home, Leif throws an anniversary party, to celebrate his long and happy marriage with Maja. The details of him cheating with his employees happily forgotten a day like this!

Then it’s Sunday and the family is invited over. It’s a very small family. Leif had one sister, Lotta, who got killed tragically in a toy trainset fire. She was married to Sebastian Montell and they had son Christoffer.

Maja has an adoptive son, Max Benett (Johansson), who is married to Lena (Ceder). They have daughter Emmy (plus baby daughter Stina who is at home with a babysitter).

Maja also has a biological daughter, Åsa Benett with Daniel Johansson. She’s pregnant, but not married.

Leif and Maja have their daughter Elisabet together, who recently married Marcus Montell, Sebastian’s nephew. They have no children yet.

They also have son Gustav, who is happily unattached in college.

And that’s it!

Elisabet gets a flash-back from her upbringing when playing chess with her cousin Christoffer. He’s just as good a cheater as Elisabet herself, or her brother Gustav!

Then we have another type of cheating, when Sebastian (who else?!) kisses Lena lightly on the mouth. Max does not appreciate it!
And with that, we leave Färila for this round and head off to Hamre, where Sebastian and Christoffer lives.


Färila after round 22:
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig


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