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Hamre year 80-84, Almost Orphan

Previously at Hamre,Lotta died tragically in a toy train fire, leaving Sebastian a widower and Christoffer motherless. Christoffer grew up weel despite that, claiming a Romance aspiration. Then he maxed his body skill. Sebastian mourned his wife for a long time, but started thinking about dating towards the end of the update. The family bought a puppy, Macke.

Since there are only Sebastian and Christoffer left in this house, they have a good relationship, more than friends than father and son.
They are often found playing video games togehter.

Leif Hartwig, Christoffer’s Morbror visits and clean out the dog house. While he’s doing that, Macke the puppy decides to grow up to a really big collie!

That night, the pregnant ghost Lotta makes an appearance.

J68: "Don’t look at me like that, it’s your own fault that you started playing with the train set while being home alone!"

Apparently Lotta doesn’t want to be left alone in the great beyond, but shows herself to Sebastian, who cannot stand the pressure. Leif, Lotta’s brother , is devastated

Christoffer: ”Please don’t take my father, I just lost my mother five years ago!”

The Grim reaper makes Christoffer play for his father’s life, and he WINS!

Christoffer: ”Yay, I won, I’m invincible, now watch me win this handgame too!"

Sebastian: ...

While Christoffer practizes his charisma skill, his mother appears again, to clean up the messy bathroom. She’s a neatfreak ghost.

Then she decides to scare him, too. If you don’t stop soon, you’ll have to go to the cemetary, Lotta!

Thursday after school, Christoffer’s cousin Melissa comes by with his best friend Måns. The guests end up in the hottub together. Probably Måns has secured himself a University education, since Christoffer and/or Melissa will wish for him to come to Uni.

With darkness come the ghosts. Tonight it’s Tobias Mattsson, Lotta’s uncle, who lived in this house first.

Christoffer reminds me of his great-uncle Tobias. He's very expressive and intense.
He's a real heavy metal fan!

And he's a real video game fan!

Saturday is a big day. Rut Mattsson graduated from Uni, and now she has come to Hamre to stay for good! Sebastian is very, very happy, he has waited for her forever. He's 21 years older than her, but love has no age.

As a matter of fact, Rut is only seven years older than Christoffer.
During the weekend Christoffer and Rut are getting to know each other a bit better, while his mother’s photo series seems to approve.

Rut wants to become a City Planner, but no such jobs are available at the moment. While Sebastian is at work she invites her friend Anita Jernelid over. Apparently they have been shopping at the same store!

Just an ordinary Family Sunday. 32 guests!

One of the reasons that there are so many people at Family Sunday is of course that it’s really three families represented. The Montells, the Hartwigs and the Burlins. Rut is the eldest daughter of Elisabeth (Mattsson) Burlin and Kevin Burlin. She was born when her parents were still in college. She’s got four younger brothers and one sister. The age difference is quite big, nine years between her and her oldest brother Filip.

The Family Sunday is mostly a giant traffic jam, since the house has only one entrance. Emergency re-build is in order...

Five hours later, despite two new doors installed…

Not until after 6pm, when the kids leave, the congestion is a little better, and the adults can get inside and get something to eat, finally!


Hamre after round 22:
Sebastian Montell
Rut Mattsson
Christoffer Montell
Macke, the collie


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