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Holmsveden year 80-84, Full Aspiration

Previously at Holmsveden, Sofia was pregnant and gave birth to Bertil, who's father is David Ottomas. Ralf was working his garden and couldn't find a job in the Science career. Alicia, Sofia's mother, went to bed with David. Bertil grew up to toddler. No one was ever caught cheating, and only Vera, who doesn't even live here, was jealous.

The males at Holmsveden are all good friends.


Ralf and David take equal responsibility for Bertil’s upbringing, even though he is David’s biological son.

Sofia is Bertil’s mother, and as all can see, they’re of the Mattsson clan

Alicia Mattsson, Sofia’s mother, is the fifth inhabitant at Holmsveden. She has earned enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration of Popularity.

Finally Ralf finds a job in the Science career as a Test Subject. He has been looking since the day he graduated from Uni, 15 years ago!

After his first day of work, Ralf walks with a new confidence in his step. He immediately got promoted to Lab Assistant!

I don’t know how many times it has happened, but now it happened again. David got fired from a bad chance card. He was a Concert Pianist and tried not to mess with the piece he was playing, but noone liked it, so he got fired...

In the evening, it’s time for Bertil’s birthday. He will become a big boy today!

Bertil grows up to show similarities to both sides of the family. He’s got the wide nose and slight underbite of the Mattssons, and the giant eyes of the Ottomas’

He’s actually pretty cute.

David's son’s Mormor helps him get over his shame. Now when said son is a school boy and just arrives home from school, that might not be the world’s most spendid idea...

Not only the son with a friend, but also the son’s mother arrives home, promoted to Restauranteur, bringing with her some groceries.

Second day at work, Ralf gets promoted again, to Field Assistant. And brings even more groceries. They won’t fit in the fridge!

Daniel, Sofia’s father, decides to make an appearance, scaring his grandson half to death. And look at the counters – groceries everywhere, I told you so!

David is lucky this time, and soon finds himself a new job in the Music career, even though he has to start over as a Roadie.

Third day at work, third promotion for Ralf. He’s now a Science Teacher, and therefore will not work more this week.

Alicia and David spends the night at the game table together, instead of in bed. Much more appropriate, I think. Alicia even maxes her Game enthusiasm and earns a plaque. 1p!

Family Sunday is a very small affair in this house. Only David has family outside the house. Bertil discusses his preferred hobby Sports with great-grandmother Dora and aunt Karina.

It’s a small family, as mentioned. Bertil’s mother Sofia is an only child. His maternal grand-father was of the Mattsson clan, though, so there are many more distant relatives in Mattsmyra!

The discussions continue with uncle Tommy. Hands on his hips seem to be Bertil’s standard pose while talking to people.

Bertil’s paternal grandparents are spending the day in the outdoor hottub, despite it being winter. It can be seen in Sweden sometimes. If the water is 40 degrees Celsius it’s no problem to be in your swimsuit (or without :)) in the tub. You just have to submerge your shoulders under water. Sometimes you need a hat, though, if it’s very cold outside.

And another update goes by without this very unconventional household falling apart. Sofia still loves both David and Ralf deeply, while David also loves Alicia. And Bertil has not seen anything appropriate for his age.

Instead we have a peaceful skilling session, where Sofia maxes her Cooking skill, and Ralf nearly his cleaning.

And we end this update with our very first maxed out Aspiration point board. It’s Alicia who lived such a fulfilled life. Congratulations!


Holmsveden after round 22:
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson
Ralf Lilja
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson


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