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Österås year 80-84, Wide-eyed Leo

Previously at Österås, Maximilian, our last CAS sim, died in platinum at age 79. Vera made up with David Ottomas and took several men to her bed and hottub. The rest of the time she worked out to be able to be promoted in her Athletics career.

Vera Johansson starts her round as she ended the last. This time it’s Gilbert Jacquet from Bluewater that joins her in the hot tub.

Vera booty called him. In the background, probably one of Gilbert’s other lovers. She is very upset with Vera and kicks her trash can over several times a day.

Then she takes the notorious Cristopher Bardh to her bed, since she wants to fall back in love with him. She caught him with other women a couple of times, so she has been upset. On the other hand, she’s getting pretty notorious herself by now...

However, she's still got the ability to spend time with people with her clothes on.

But not enough time, apparently. It looks like Simon and Noel will get a brother or sister who is younger than their own children. So, soon, this will be a busy house, since it also has been decided that Vera’s sister Elin is moving here after college.

Vera is the alien daughter of Maximilian Johansson. She’s cousins with all the Montell’s. Her sister Elin is the alien daughter of Elmer Tång, former college llama, now married to Tessa Ramirez, residing in Bluewater.

And here she comes, in a terrible outfit that blends with her skin colour. Elin is a Knowledge sim with a second LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist.

There are no Science jobs available, which makes sense, since Ralf Lilja at Holmsveden just got an offer in that career recently, after 15 years of job search.
Elin really needs some new clothes. The ones she got are extremely ugly, and not suitable for winter. As soon as morning comes, she’ll head off to Amelia’s.

Elin and Vera has the same alien father. Elin’s earthly father is Elmer Tång, and by him she’s got another sister, Engla, who’s mother is Tessa Ramirez. Engla is married to Hugo Mattsson and has a daughter of her own, Lovisa.

At Amelia’s, everything takes forever. No wonder that the level isn’t rising, as we complained about while playing the Hartwig house.

There is a chessboard at Amelia’s though, and Elin calms down after her upsetting shopping experience with a game with fellow Knowledger Ralf. They become friends through the game.

Back home, the two sisters, now in matching outfits, have a light snack together. Vera seems to handle her pregnancy well, so hopefully we’ll have a generation 2 alien baby soon.

While waiting for the baby, and waiting for a Science job to show up, there is not much to do at Österås, so Elin is playing the violin.

Vera plays the drums. The baby should really become a musician!

Saturday morning it’ time!

It’s a boy, who doesn’t look alien at all, apart from his giant eyes. Actually he is not even carrying any alien DNA at all.  He gets Common name no 70, Jörgen, and is blond and blue eyed as his father.
His birth date is 27th of December ’83, 9.27 am.

Jörgen’s father is, as suspected, Cristopher Bardh, which means that he’s got two adult brothers and a niece and a nephew who are older than himself. Now it really starts to sound like the modern families in Sweden!

Here are all brothers and sisters to all inhabitants at Österås, with their families. It’s a convenient little batch, not too many to keep track of. However, there are some scandal material too...

For example this, in the foreground… Caroline Johansson and Hugo Mattsson in each others arms. Caroline is pregnant with Noel’s baby and Hugo is married to Engla, Elin’s sister. Noel and Simon are Jörgen’s brothers.

Cristopher: ”Hi there, little man. They say you’re my son. Not exactly what I need, but it was a pleasure meeting you anyway” +1000
Jörgen: ...

Sunday afternoon an ad comes up about a position as Theorist in the Science career. Elin of course seizes the opportunity and accepts it.

Family Sunday is also Jörgen’s birthday. His toddler appearance will be interesting to see

Well, it’s not worse than the Markövertag girls. If I did an uglacy them together with Jörgen here would be a jackpot!
Anyway, he turns out to be an extremely outgoing Leo, and his looks might improve with time.

Jörgen learns both to go potty and to talk immediately after his transition. Then he’s totally exhausted and wakes his aunt up with his wailing when his mother is walking away.

We end this update with Elin claiming a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese and move on to the next household on the list.

Österås after round 22:
Vera Johansson
Elin Tång
Jörgen Johansson


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