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Tallåsen year 80-84, Business Development

Previously at Tallåsen, Melissa turned nocturnal since her grandfather Orlando scared her out of bed four times a night. In the process she maxed her Creativity skill. Martin's flower shop was profitable and reached level 8, and Martin earned a gold badge in flower arrangement. Sofie reached her LTW of becoming a Business Tycoon at age 45. Then she failed miserably in the Law career. Melissa grew up to a Popularity teen with an LTW of becoming The Law.

Melissa Montell is an only child, but has a lot of friends. She wants even more, since she’s a Popularity sim.


She spends a lot of time on the phone.

Sofie cannot find a new job in Law, so she plays housewife. She’s not very good at it though, and wishes she could work instead.

Martin spends a lot of time in his shop and gets a good review from the mohawk reporter. He also gets the Best of the Best award.

The shop soon reaches level 9, and Martin’s teenage staff is learning a lot in the process.

And the next day, with the help of Alicia, one of his employees, he reaches his first level 10!

He immediately goes home to sell his flower shop and buy IKEA! Let’s see how fast he can develop that company into a success. By selling his first shop, Martin passes the magic limit of earning 100.000§. 3p!

After a couple of days of looking, Sofie finds a legal job again, as a Personal Injury Attorney, and she can start her way back up the ladder.

First day at the IKEA store. In Sweden, the IKEA staff wears yellow polo shirts and blue workpants, but yellow shirt and overalls are nearly as good.

First day passes by with a lot of setup for the store. There is a lot of personnel needed, for sales, stocking, register, coffee shop and restaurant. While concentrating on the setup, the shop reaches level 1 by itself more or less.

At home, Sofie succeeds to get promoted to Family Law Attorney, and Mats Picaso is visiting.

The first days at IKEA are calm. There’s more personnel than customers, but that is needed to keep everything going in such a big store with an in-house restaurant.

Martin himself is leading the work and circulates between the chores. It’s easier to run a company with a lot of employees, but at the same time, it demands an even bigger helicopter perspective to keep everybody happy. During a coffee break, IKEA reaches level 2.

Then, out of the blue, Martin’s cook quits. He just stares after her, wondering what happened.

Back home we have some better news. Sofie gets promoted to International Coprorate Lawyer and is closing in on her goal. Martin is actually at home sometimes, to sleep and shower.

Back at IKEA, the staff is rearranged so that business can continue, and we reach level 3.

At the same time as Irene reaches a gold badge in sales, IKEA reaches level 4. A strange thing with Irene is that she kept her blue eyes and her eyebrows, despite being in uniform.

Usually all sims in my game loose their eyebrows and make-up and get brown eyes when in uniform.

This ungreatful guy was transferred from barrista to host, but got fed up and quit!
Martin is very upset, and so is Lisa, his register clerk.

Again, thanks to Irene, the level rises, while Martin himself has to tend the restaurant, since his host didn’t show up today and the replacement quit.

At home life continues, despite the fact that we are rarely checking in there. Melissa continues her romance with Måns Ljunggren, the relation that started at her cousin Christoffer’s house, in the hottub...

And Sofie gets promoted to Entertainment Attorney and brings out yet another basket of groceries from her inventory.

It snows all night before Sunday, and the family arrives in winter gear. Since it is a Montell-Ceder family reunion there are lots of people – again!

There are a lot of things to do at Tallåsen, and there are small groups forming in different areas. Winter bowling is a new sports, introduced today.

Some multi-generational bubble blowing is a classic.

Just as a chess game with live musical entertainment.

However, Martin doesn’t have time to stay at home during Family Sunday. IKEA needs to be opened. His employee Lisa is still pretty slow at the register, but the store reaches level 6!

When Martin comes back home after his successful Sunday at IKEA, the kids have left and he’s just in time for the late night drinking and jamming party for adults (and a few teens). And thereby we leave Tallåsen for this round!


Tallåsen after round 22:
Sofie Montell
Martin Montell
Melissa Montell
Gumman, the poodle



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