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Ovanåker year 80-84, Three Babies

Previously at Ovanåker, Olle grew up to toddler and then child, looking like a true Mattsson. Twins Jesper and Natalie were born, looking like Burlins. They grew up to toddlers during the update, but got separated in age. Ludvig grew up to child, showing that he's really a Daddy's boy. He will look exactly like Kevin when he grows up. Chaos was prevailing and Elisabeth had a miscarriage, but Kevin was there to comfort her and to make her pregnant again. Filip nearly flunked out of school, but his brothers helped with his homework and all the sibling were saved from the social worker.

We start where we left off in this house of misery.


Elisabeth gets cramps early Wednesday morning, before Kevin even wakes up.

This time nothing can be done, but she loses the baby and is ordered to bedrest for a while.

The children that are already part of the family are somewhat well off. Kevin tries to teach the youngest some essentials, and Ludvig and Olle, the next in line are getting good grades.

Finally it’s time for Filip to become a teenager. He has lived through many rounds of misery here and nearly flunked out of school, but now he’s at C+.

Probably as a result of all the work he has seen his parents endure, filip chooses the Pleasure aspiration. He turns on from special hair and hard workers, but turns off from brown hair.

It’s also Jesper’s birthday, and Filip helps him out.

Next day after school, Filip brings Sara Montell wih him home from school. Despite her having her lusciuos behind halfway out of her mini-shorts, there will be no romance, since ACR decided that Filip is very gay. He has also decided on his LTW, which is to become a Game Designer.

Then it’s Natalie’s birthday, but first, we realize that Elisabeth is pregnant again.

Kevin brings Natalie to the cake, but gets interrupted.

Babytime! I admit to have rushed the pregnancy. I did it to compensate for all her miscarriages. She has also been eating cheesecake, so we expect twins, who might or might not be separated later like their older siblings.

What we didn’t expect that it’s another set of boys! Here’s Popular no 92, brown hair and brown eyes. Probably a clone of Rut.

Brown hair and blue eyes. Popular no 42.
However – when checking statistics to find Popular names 92 and 42, we find that there IS no 92 (two on shared 91), and TWO on Popular 42.
So – change of plans – the boys will have Popular name no 42 both of them – Charlie and Jacob.

Then back to Natalie. She looks so much like Kevin that I hearly laugh. She’s a bit awkward now, but I’m sure she’ll become a beauty!
She’ll need a new haircut right now, though.

Kevin has a hard time at work and gets demoted due to a bad chance card. He brought a friend with him home, but walks away from him when they arrive home. Maybe he’s got stuff in the grocery basket that needs to be put away in the freezer right away?

Elisabeth brought her brother Georg Mattsson with her home from work. When they step out of the car, Elisabeth feels the pain and nausea of a threatening miscarriage again. Georg looks concerned over his sister’s welfare.

Twins’ birthday – Jesper leads the birthday smustle together with his cousin Jenny

Then, candles for Charlie

Charlie turns out to be an extreme Scorpio – very neat and outgoing, extremely active and very mean. Only his playfulness is at medium. It seems that he indeed IS a clone of his sister Rut, but it doesn’t matter, the age difference of 21 years is so big so we won’t notice.

More babies!

Huh! It’s only one! Elisabeth forgot her cheesecake diet. Anyway, since there’s only one baby, it’s a girl. She gets Popular name no 8 – Linnea, and her birthday is...

Then it’s Jacob’s turn to have his birthday. Elisabeth looks happy not to be pregnant for once. However, you’ll have to do it one more time to fulfill you IW!

Jacob grows up like a big boy, with the help of only one cake. He turns out to be an extremely outgoing Leo.

Family Sunday is a small affair. Most of the family already lives in this house! Elisabeth’s brothers and sister has only 4 children altogether. Christoffer is invited, though, since he lives with Rut.

Elisabeth is the second child of CAS toddler Loke Mattsson and his wife Barbara (Lennestål). Her sister is named Emilia and has one YA son and a child daughter with her husband Patric Carlsson. Her brother Georg has teenage daughter Jenny with his wife Agnes (Ceder), and brother Hugo has child daughter Lovisa with his wife Engla (Ramirez).

Elisabeth is married to Kevin Burlin, who she grew up with. They have three daughters and 6 (!) sons, aged infant to adult. We expect another child before Elisabeth is too old.

No, no, no, Rut! He’s your boyfriend’s son!

Another birthday is to be had. Ludvig will become a teenager!

He chooses the Fortune aspiration. It must be the rarest one in Mattsmyra! He turns on from swimsuit-clad artists, as long as they’re not charismatic (!?)
We find that Ludvig, too, is very gay. Well, I guess it’s good for the population control anyway!

We end the update with a family dinner where Elisabeth realizes she's pregnant again.
Well, Elisabeth, hopefully you’ll keep the baby, and hopefully it’s only one. Only next update will tell...


Ovanåker after round 22:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Olle Burlin
Jesper Burlin
Natalie Burlin
Charlie Burlin
Jacob Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Sara, the cat


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