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Öljung year 80-84, Premature LTW

Previously at Öljung, Cristopher checked off woohoo's no 10-16 without Thea noticing. Simon became a Cult Leader and reached his LTW and IW of maxing all skills. Then he started a career in Architecture. Annika slept with her brother-in-law Noel. Cecilia learnt all toddler skills and grew up to child.

Thea and Cristopher spend some time in the hottub. Cristopher just became a father again at age 70.

The silence between the two is compact.

Or not! They are talking about the baby!

The younger generation sleeps soundly, and j68 shows off the platinum portraits of the complete family. It looks awesome!

With daylight, Cristopher continues his quest for 20 woohoos. He’s now working on his 17th, Jill Smed.

Unfortunately it seems that not even his dear hobby lots are safe for dates anymore. Well, well, he did Agnes already, so it’s no big harm done.

Number 17, Jill Smed.

When he’s done with Jill, he invites Britta Myhr, who is married to Thea’s nephew Rolf of Myren.

Britta is woohoo no 18. We’re closing in!

In the meantime, Annika does some serious shopping at Amelia’s. She (j68) finally had enough of her unmatching outfit and went to get some new stuff, both for herself and for Cecilia. Simon even gets one or two things.

Then she goes to Café 1-25 to do some fishing. Her preferred hobby is Nature.

There she stays until evening, when she relaxes with a game of chess with townie Lars Segerfeldt.

Simon has found himself a new job in the Architect career, and gets promoted to Master Architect on his first day.

Next in line for Cristopher is the Diva, Greta Larsen. She invited him to an outing after he had “such a great time” with one of her friends.

Britta doesn’t appreciate it, but what can you do? She’s yesterday’s news.

Greta is perceptive to Cristopher’s skills…

Very perceptive… Greta Larsen is no 19. However, the game claims he finished his LTW. I have heard that ordinary woohoo and public wooho with the same sim counts as two different, and it seems logical when checking Cristopher’s memories.

He had public woohoo OR ordinary woohoo with 18 sims, plus ordinary AND public with his wife Thea, which would make it 20. So, if you’re doing this LTW in the future, you’ll need only 10 lovers and make both types of woohoo with them.

For good measure, we’re going to do 20 individuals, though. Especially since a new three-bolter just stepped inside the door.

AND Beatrice Burlin, number 20!

While Cristopher is working on his lovelife, Thea works on her body. She maxes her body skill early one morning.

Simon reaches his LTW and TOC. Since it’s his second LTW, we get only 1p, but anyway

He celebrates by cooking pork chops and having a quiet dinner with his little family. Cecilia is a quiet little girl and we don’t see much of her, but she’s still here.

Even Farfar Cristopher is at home tonight. He doesn’t have to go out anymore, since he finished his life goal.
Cecilia: "Cousin Alexander told me about a movie called In Seption, it was about spinny toys, can we get it, please?"

Thea has had such a fulfilled life that she can claim a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. Probably she thinks she worked enough.


Cecilia is an only child. Her parents Simon and Annika live together but are not married. Her paternal grand-parents live here too. Her maternal grand-parents lives in the original house Letsbo, together with Annika’s brother David and his wife Gerd. The newborn cousins on that side, Alf and Ingela, stayed at home.

Simon’s brother Noel is here with his son Alexander, and Alexander’s mother Caroline, who is expecting Noel’s second child next round. The newest addition to the family tree, Jörgen, who is Alexander and Cecilia's uncle (!) or his mother Vera, aren’t invited, since Jörgen’s only a toddler. Next time!

Sunday is also Cecilia’s birthday. She looks great in her old-fashioned dress.

Another Fortune sim! She turns on from charismatic blonds, but turns off from logic.

Some new clothes and a little bit of make-up, to make her blue eyes even more visible. Cecilia likes the result. And she better, j68 thinks she looks like a black-haired Scarlett Johansson! Cecilia’s LTW has yet to reveal itself, but ACR decided that she’s straight.

Öljung after round 22:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Annika Lind
Cecilia Lind


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