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Roteberg, Monday - Wednesday

Kim’s pregnancy is progressing accordingly, and Hugo is looking forward to being a grandfather again. Kim herself is thinking of completely different things. Her biggest wishes are to reach the top of the slacker career AND to fall in love with Hans Lind! Considering the fact that her husband Magnus has the hots for Melissa Lind, makes the future interesting at Roteberg.

Sofie Melinder seems to be extremely outgoing, she is friends and/or sweethearts with every teen in Mattsmyra!

At 6.10 Tuesday morning Kim’s labour contractions start.

And on the 8th of June year 16, a girl is born, with light blue eyes, light skin and brown hair. Her name will be Common no 31 – Susanne.

Kim gets a contract for writing a “Reveal everything” book and earns 20.000 simoleons! Way to go Kim!

Maria meets Orlando Ceder and quickly develops a crush on him. He’s better for her than that Casanova Tobias.

Kim is really a bad girl! Shame on you, flirting with your neighbour, haven’t you read the rules? “Thou shalt not have lust for your neighbour’s wife” OK, I see the loophole here, he’s not your neighbour’s wife, is he??

Eventually the party gets down to business, helping Susanne to reach toddlerhood. Isn’t she a pretty girl in her confetti pyjamas? Turns out she’s an Aquarius too, just like Georg Lind, with the same mild temper. Maybe we’ll have a future match in the making?

Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 4:
Hugo Berg
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Maria Berg
Susanne Berg

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