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Storfallet year 80-84, Close Call

Previously at Storfallet, Kerstin was promoted to Criminal Mastermind and started a novel on her evil plans. Britta ran her grocery store swimmingly to level 10 with the help of her townie employee Zeeshan who was worth his weight in gold. She sold the store and bought the Round Barn, which her and Zeeshan ran to level 3.. Robin worked slowly up the criminal ladder and started a crime novel. Finally, Konrad, the last member of the household, was promoted to Visionary Artist.


Robin Logren finishes his latest book. It’s a sci-fi novel called “Riddles”.


It’s a bestseller! The first edition delivery arrives just as Robin leaves for work.

Our Knowledge couple Konrad and Kerstin are working on their charisma skill together.
That’s Knowledge three-bolt love!

Robin is promoted to Counterfeiter, which is more appropriate for a man his age. He’s 73 by now.

Britta brings Anna Törnblad with her home from work. There is some slight difference in their appearance in fig leaves... I had no idea Anna was so good-looking!

Britta gets dressed and heads off to her little grocery/clothes/etc store. The mohawk reporter is here and gives Britta a good review and the Best of the Best award.

And soon after the store reaches level 4.

Followed by level 5. Zeeshan starts to get control over the cash register, and has earned his bronze badge.

Level 5 of her third business, makes a full board of business perks for Britta. Now she’s invincible!

Level 6 is soon happening too, while Zeeshan gains his silver badge in register.

Back home, Britta’s poor husband Robin is sad and lonely, even though he got promoted to Smuggler.

He calls his daughter Caroline for comfort. Luckily she picks up the phone, saving her father from the Social Bunny.

Kerstin started a new career in Dance, and gets promoted to Interpretative Dancer. She must have bought groceries at IKEA, since that’s the only place selling it apart from this family’s (Britta’s) own store. At least the only place anyone ever goes.

The Round Barn is in a flow and reaches level 7 at next session.

And level 8. Zeeshan is still learning the register.

And at home Robin finally, finally at age 74, reaches his LTW and TOC and becomes a Criminal Mastermind. Congratulations!

Wow! Affection! It’s so rare in this house that it has to be documented!

Then Robin leaves for work in his super cool outfit.
Robin: “Hi Maja! Enjoy reading our newspaper!”

After being home to sleep, eat and shower, Britta brings the store up to level 9

Level 9 was tough, so Britta stumbles into bed at the same time as Kerstin comes home promoted to tap dancer.

And no more does she arrive home before she transforms into an elder in a fancy dress.

Before dawn, Britta is back at the Round Barn, and we reach level 10! 3 down, 2 to go. Better get Lena out quickly, so we can go home and sell this place and buy a new one


So, the Round Barn is sold, and the Pool&Spa in the City is bought instead. But before the work with the spa is started, Britta takes the rest of the round off to rest a bit.

While the snow begins to fall, Kerstin continues her dancing career and is promoted to ballroom dancer. The dress suddenly makes sense!

Since only Robin has any family outside the house, it will be a very small Family Sunday. Alexander’s father Noel is of course invited, even though he’s not married to Caroline.

Despite the cold weather, the small family spends most of their time outside. It’s ok for Noel and Alexander who wear winter clothes, by poor Caroline doesn’t fit in any coat at the moment.

Alexander also has the opportunity to get to know his Morfar a bit more, while his father poisons himself with green toast.

Oh, no, oh no, oh no!! The cowplant got fed just when the guests arrived, but by darkness it’s hungry again. Someone, call Noel away from the plant!


Robin: ”What? I’m surfing for Film&Literature here, but all I get is sports!”

Cowplant: Sniffs Noel thoroughly

Noel: Pushes plant off himself and walks away.
J68: Phew! That was a close call!

J68: Builds cage, names cowplant Nicholas, locks door. (Nicholas is placed in a cage - Nicholas Cage, har-har-har)


Storfallet after round 22:
Robin Logren
Britta Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm


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