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Vallsta year 80-84, Winter Dates

Previously at Vallsta, Jonas reached the Fortune IW and his third TOC when he becam Business Tycoon for the second time. Christel enjoyed company and hobbies. Then there was skilling.

Two permaplat elder Fortune sims... How will we pass our days?
We start with Jonas Carlzon, rushing off to his job as Business Tycoon.

And continue with Christel, tinkering with her second junk car.

Then she tries to find an interesting parttime job, just to pass time. It’s not like they need the money...

No jobs in sight, so Christel accepts an invitation to an outing at the Games hobby lot instead, where she plays a game of chess with one Robin while the other watches.

The fulfilled lives Christel and Jonas are leading pays off when Jonas can choose a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. It’s nice to be able to relax a bit in your golden years after reaching the top in three careers.

Then Jonas and Christel have a date. They go to Londoste for dinner and drinks. Since it’s winter outside, they never show their nice clothes.

Back home, they realize they left something on the stove. Fortunately they have a fire alarm installed and the fire department are fast to save the old couple.

After the date, if not the fire, Christel has enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration of Romance. Maybe there will be some action around this house now...

It doesn’t take long before Christel’s secondary Romance kicks in. She wishes to have public woohoo. And since Jonas is a secondary Pleasure nowadays, he always wants to go downtown and/or on a date, so it’s a perfect combination. They decide to do the deed at Amelia’s and at the same time buy Jonas some new clothes.

Vallsta after round 22:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon


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