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Sörbo year 80-84, Stupid Dog

Previously at Sörbo, Alfa the dog ran away, but later came back. Aron, Adam and Louise were accepted in private school, despite being served burnt pork chops. Ingeborg grew up to elder, and later on Jerry did too. Louise left for university and Ingeborg was promoted to General, which was her LTW. Adam had his first kiss with a townie girl. Aron worked in the adventure career and had a pretty rocky ride there.

Ingeborg Wern, born Berg, reached her LTW of becoming a General, and was too old to start another career.

Now she works on the Popularity IW during daytime, and her Tinkering preferred hobby in the nights.

Aron comes home from his adventurer after school job promoted to Multiregional Sim of some Question, thereby reaching the TOC of the teen career. Alfa the dog is stinking.

The Fortune sim Aron gets one more scolarship than his twin Adam, but they’re both well off moneywise when they move away to Uni that night.

With the boys gone, Ingeborg and Jerry enjoy their quiet life together, only them!

Until daybreak, when they invite their kids and Ingeborg’s sisters’ families.

Benny the dog is a stupid dog. Ingeborg filled their bowls, but he just stood there in one of the bedrooms and whined over being hungry. Ingeborg even put the bowl under his nose, but he still wouldn’t eat.

Nathan: ”You guys don’t deserve to have dogs! I’m turning them over to the animal shelter this minute!”

Noone cares about the dogs when there are children and other guests to take care of. They were Gerd's dogs anyway. Jerry cooks Comfort Soup for everyone, since as usual the flu is going around.

The afternoon is used for games. Ingeborg’s nieces Agnes and Sofie are playing with Agnes’ daughter Jenny and Ingeborg’s brother-in-law Patrik.

Ingeborg is the youngest daughter of CAS adult Magnus Berg. Her sister Maria was a CAS child, and her sister Susanne was born in game as Ingeborg herself.

Ingeborg is married to townie Jerry Wern and they have four children. Their eldest daughter Gerd is married to David Lind of Letsbo, and she has moved to his original house. Gerd and David have twins Alf and Ingela, born this round.

Ingeborg and Jerry’s younger daughter Louise is living with her girlfriend My, and the twin boys Adam and Aron are in college.

The update at Sörbo doesn’t stop after family Sunday, since the days here are out of sync. However, the most exciting event after that is Ingeborg continuing to work on her train set...

...and that Jerry reaches the top of the Showbusiness career and becomes an Icon. 1p!


Sörbo after round 22:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern


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