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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 80-84, This Is A Dead Parrot

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Hugo was fired because of a bad chance card, but started his career over. Then he messed up his life by falling in love with Caroline Johansson (the 20 lovers girl). Lovisa grew up to toddler and then child. Engla worked in her SCIA career. Elin, Engla's alien sister moved out University. Tessa and Elmer were by-standers.

The skilling family Tång/Mattsson is always found learning or teaching something.


Elmer Tång, former college llama, teaches the parrot Percy to talk and Hugo Mattsson sharpens his logic skill at the chess board.

Lovisa comes home with top grades, just when her parents change shifts. Hugo comes home and Engla leaves. Engla gets to bring the good news with her to work.

Back home from work, she continues her path to ultimate knowledge by maxing her charisma skill.

Engla is working herself into exhaution.

Engla: “Hi Mamma, I got promoted to Elite Operative and now I REALLY have to hit the sack!”
Tessa: “Ooo, money!”

Hugo gets a promotion, too, to Theorist.
Hugo: “Ooo, money!”

Then the skilling continues.

Tessa supports that her grand-daughter is learning the piano.

And Elmer serenades his lovely wife, all autonomously.

Later that night, in the middle of a blizzard, Engla, age 37, is promoted to Head of SCIA, which was her LTW. 2p! She now wants to max all skills. She's already well underway to that goal!

Lovisa’s best friend is Pontus Sandvall. They spend all Saturday together playing in the playroom on the top floor of the purple house. They might be a good match for the future, even though he is three years older than her. We’ll see where we end up in college.

The skilling house continues skilling night and day, and Elmer, despite being Family, is skilling most of all. He maxes both his Creativity skill and his Music enthusiasm, which he also gains 1p for.

Sunday: Most of the family is Hugo’s, since he’s go one brother and two sisters, with a sum of 12 children. Some of them are too small to be away from home, though and are left at home with baby sitters.

Engla has only one sister outside the house, her alien sister Elin. They have the same father. Engla was born as generation 2 by townie Tessa Ramirez and dormie Elmer Tång. Tessa went to college with the generation 1 kids and therefor is part of that generation.

Lovisa and her cousin Berit discuss toys like only 8-year old girls can and the adults are entertaining themselves.

Engla cooks Grilled Cheese for lunch and connects with her sister-in-law Elisabeth, and Elisabeth’s children Jesper and Natalie. We realize that we forgot to sell off Lovisa’s baby chair when she grew up. But who knows, one day we might need it again!

Percy the parrot took his last breath on Sunday night, let go of his stick and died. Hugo mourns him.

Hugo: “Whatever did we do wrong?!”
I think nothing, he was probably just old. This parrot was actually not neglected, like they usually are.

Before we go, Tessa is claiming her secondary aspiration of Family, and we will have another sim who knows how to cook comfort soup!


Strandbrynsvägen after round 22:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson
Lovisa Mattsson



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