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Runemo year 80-84, Fraternal Twins

Previously at Runemo, Annika got her first kiss before the very eyes of her father. Pontus and Oliver grew up to children. Barbro got a membership in the Garden Club. David died (!) from fever, but Barbro saved his life. The boys played with girls their own age. Barbro and David grew up well to elders and celebrated their golden anniversary. David became a Mad Scientist and Annika became a Guard.

On her last day home before leaving for Uni, Annika Sandvall harvests her sister’s oranges.

Her sister Märta doesn’t live here anymore, but has a house of her own since she graduated from college.

Barbro has taken over the responsibility for the greenhouse. She’s not very good yet, but she’s learning.

Annika comes home from her job as a Guard and applies for her scolarships. She’s qualified for the Young Entrepreneur’s grant, which is very uncommon in Mattsmyra. Most teens don’t have after school jobs. Then Annika takes her stuff and moves out to start her education!

Barbro is a good mother, doting on her family. She serves nutritious meals every time, but sometimes doesn’t bother to get dressed. Maybe she should get a robe with winter coming.

The boys have their robes on at least.

Oliver: “Some people don’t believe that Ponus and I are twins, just because we don’t look alike. Why don’t we look alike, Mamma?”
Barbro: “Well, that’s because you are fraternal twins and not identical twins. Fraternal twins are not more alike than other siblings”

Then they all go to work and to school, and when Barbro comes home she’s promoted to Animal Linguist.

Oliver: ”Did you know there are aliens living among us here in Mattsmyra?”

Pontus: ”I don’t believe they’re aliens, I think they’re robots!”

Oliver:”Maybe they’re astronaut robots!”

Pontus: ”Maybe there IS life on other planets after all!”

Oliver: ”I don’t know, but now I take your horse!”

Pontus: ”Oh, yeah?! Then watch me when I take your queen!”

Oliver:”Well, take this! CHECK!”


Meanwhile in the parents’ bedroom:

Then, birthday! Oliver and Pontus’ grown-up sisters are joining the party. The rain is pouring down outside.

The fraternal twins grow up to teenagers. Oliver grows up into the exact same shirt as he wore as a child, what are the odds for that? Oliver chooses the Knowledge aspiration and turns on from formal wear and jewellery, but turns off from blonds.

Pontus, too, chooses the Knowledge aspiration, even though he changes his shirt. He turns on from glasses and black hair, but turns off from underwear.

Both boys turn out to be straight, which probably means the Montell clan will continue to dominate the hood.

Montell Sunday…

And disaster stikes immediately – Marcus cannot keep his hands off of Rut Mattsson. Is this a college update or what?! Marcus, I thought you grew up when you got married to Elisabet!

Marcus’s action makes a lot of people very upset. Just look at their frowning faces!

Inside, Barbro is upset, too. Her older brother Simon broke the computer, so she lectures him. Her younger brother Martin can hardly believe his eyes.

Then, a ladies’ lunch is served. Barbro’s daughter Annika, her sister Anna, and her sisters-in-law Sofie, married to Martin, and Carita, married to Simon, enjoy their comfort soup in the cool garden.

The Montell cousins are growing up one at a time. Soon there will be no children left, only teens and above. Only Helena will still be a child when this round is over.

David has more fun with his boys now, since they grew up. Probably he doesn’t know how to handle children, but Knowledge teens are fine.
They are more like himself. Runemo has also gotten some decorations lately. It has been a pretty scarecly decorated house, bt it’s getting better, with better financials and a sim godess who finally sees that some decorations could look good in the pictures.

Barbro still works in the Natural Science career and gets promoted to Unnatural Cross-breeder, and that’s the last event of interest that happens at Runemo this time.


Runemo after round 22:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Cosmos, the cat



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