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Svedja year 80-84, Match Making

Previously at Svedja, Siri grew up to child and played with all the neighbourhood kids. Oscar and Wilhelm were sweet to their little sister. Allan reached his LTW of becoming Cheif of Staff, and Anna became a Scatmaster.

The update starts on a sad note, when Falco, the dog, is picked up by the grim reaper.


He is not the only one leaving today, the boys are going to leave for Uni, too.

Oscar is exercising to look good when arriving to the dorms, and the children’s cousin Melissa is mean to their father. Both Siri and Oscar ran out of the room crying at the sight. This loving family cannot stand mean behaviour.

Siri ran to her room to find comfort with her teddy bear when she saw her father get tormented.

Wilhelm, the Pleasure sim has actually one more scolarship than his Popularity brother Oscar, but together they have quite a treasure when they leave. See you in Uni with your cousin Annika!

Little sister Siri is the only child left at Svedja now. She dreams of becoming a professional football player (or soccer as you Americans say). She’s the only sim I’ve ever seen to wish for playing football.

Allan is also active. He’s a Knowledge sim, for the moment concentrating on his Body skill.

Then Anna is promoted to Rogue Botanist and is Family happy.

And Allan comes home with his sheepish smile promoted to Deep Sea Researcher

And it’s also Siri’s birthday. A day full of events, indeed!

It has been a while, but now we’re back to our original schedule with another Romance girl. She turns on from beards and jewellery and turns off from fatness.

She starts her teen life with kicking the gay leotard backside of her brother Oscar on the soccer field. And he is aiming for a career in Sports!

Soon Oscar realizes that his baby sister is not a baby anymore and shapes up his game, to the frustration of Siri.

After the party, when everybody sleeps soundly in their beds, an uninvited guest comes to Svedja, putting the family car in a garbage bag.

Then she ventures inside the house, setting off the alarm. She freezes in her step while the police car stops outside with screeching tires.

The cheeky thief manages to bag the workout machine, too, while the police woman is approaching. You must admire the packing skills of sim thieves!

Skirmish ensues.

And in the end the authorities get the upper hand.

In the meantime our little football girl has decided on her LTW, which is to woohoo 20 sims. WILL NOT HAPPEN! You’ll get SO re-rolled in college, my dear!

Saturday, when her parents are working, Siri goes downtown to shop for necessities like mobile phones, and to hang out with her best friends Cecilia Lind and cousin Pontus Sandvall. Strangely enough she doesn’t know her other cousin, Pontus’ brother Oliver, at all!

They hang out all day at the arcades, doing whatever teenagers do when hanging out. The outing score even reaches “Fun”

They even run into Cecilia’s mother Annika and chats her up a bit.

Allan is promoted again on Saturday, to Relic Liberator. With his helmet on we cannot see if he looks happy or not, but on the other hand he rarely makes a big fuzz about anything. If you look closely, you can see that he’s wearing some kind of hat inside the helmet, I never saw that before!

In the evening, Siri is asked out again to an outing with Cecilia. This time Oliver is invited and Siri can get to know her other cousin her own age.

Siri: ”I just met my other cousin Oliver, but I can tell he’s really into you, Cecilia. Why don’t you go for it?”
Cecilia: “Do you really think so? Oh, he’s soo cute!”

Cecilia is not shy when getting challenged. She goes all in and serenades Oliver, right there at the bowling alley.

And it completely works! Apparently Siri was right. She can play match-maker all she wants, that’s all the romance she’s getting at the moment!

Nothing more happens between Cecilia and Oliver either, but they all end up playing pool with Cecilia’s father and grand-mother.

To round off the week, we throw another Montell Sunday. I won’t give you the family tree, it didn’t change since Runemo, except that Siri grew up.

Somewhere along the line something has gone wrong between Rut and her stepson Christoffer. Sebastian either has no clue or doesn’t know which side to take in this conflict between the love of his life and his son.

Then everybody goes inside in their outer wear, to play kickyball or just hang out.

Anna goes to work on Sunday, stumbles into bed upon arrival home, and turns abruptly into an elder when she wakes up. The only one noticing is her niece Märta (mislabeled Annika, sorry about that, I've got too many female sims). Siri is busy cleaning up after all the guests.

And not an hour later, Allan follows. And thereby this update from Svedja ends for this time. Next tme, Oscar will be back from Uni!


Svedja after round 22:
Allan Törnblad
Anna Törnblad
Siri Törnblad


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