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Los year 80-84, The Eastern Mob

Previously at Los, Love grew up to a gay Fortune sim. Then he met Oscar Montell and fell in love. Berit found her true hobby of tinkering and grew up to child. Emilia and Patric worked and skilled.

Patric Carlsson reaches his second LTW, which is the Knowledge IW – to max all skills. 3p!


He does it with the help of the telescope. As a security measure he has started taking birth control. We do NOT want any more unnecessary kids in this house.

In this house we start round 22 with Family Sunday. Emilia didn’t stop at inviting her brothers and sister with families, but also invited her cousins and their children. It will really be a full house, and very many people to cook Grilled Cheese for!

Emilia is the oldest daughter of CAS toddler Loke Mattsson. She’s married to Patric Carlsson and they have children Love and Berit together.

Family Sunday starts off with massive swooning. Sebastian Montell, widower after Emilia’s cousin Lotta, seems to be most popular.

With all these Romancers in the same spot, there was a big risk that something like this would happen. Thea finally found out what her husband has been up to lately. Cecilia, Thea and Cristopher’s grand-daughter, doesn’t really understand what she sees.

The day continues in a slower pace, and the afternoon is really picturesque with Patric barbequeing some hot dogs, Jenny tending to the garden and Alexander catching butterflies.

Love is a big boy now, and applies for his scolarships for grades, charisma, body, creativity and dance, and then he’s off to college. The readers of course know that already, since the first University instalment is already published.

After acheiving his IW, Patric has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Family. At last he can really learn to cook comfort soup!

Now he’s really desperate to make good use of his knowledge and get a job, any job! He ends up accepting a position as a Guest Lecturer at the university, which is fitting for a sim with his knowledge.

Emilia climbs the ladder of her Adventure career, too, and is promoted to Hostage Negotiator. Her baby Berit welcomes her home.

In the late evening when everybody is soundly asleep, we see another strike of the recent crime wave in Mattsmyra, when a burglar sneaks into the house.

This house has no alarm, since the Carlssons never had any valuables in the house. Most people in Sweden don’t have an alarm. Since many people live outside the big cities, the burglars are long gone before the police can arrive anyway.

Eewww! Maybe this is not a burglar, but a child molesting kidnapper?!

Well, it seems that checking out sleeping kids was just his hobby. His job is obviously by order from the eastern mobs. They do raids to Sweden once in a while, “exporting” cars and bicycles en masse.

When the villain rushes back into the house, Emilia wakes up in the new bed she bought at IKEA, just to see the burglar rush by her bed.

The police eventually arrive, after Emilia rushing out of bed to call them. Emilia cheers the officer on with great enthusiasm

Luckily, the police officer got the upper hand, and Emilia is satisfied. Please remember the name Dorian Köling, he will be employee of the month at Mattsmyra police force.

After the incident Berit has a hard time sleeping at night, and refuses to sleep in her own bed. She insists on sleeping along side her daddy, and her parents agree to that for a while.

The next day, Emilia invites her friend Caroline Johansson for a Grilled Cheese sandwich, to get her mind off the events of the night.

Patric excels in his education career and is promoted to high school principal his first day. As a celebration he brings his sister-in-law Elisabeth with him home.

New day, new promotion, new friends. Patric is promoted to University Professor and brings Stina Johansson with him home.

Then he turns into an elder, with quite a decent outfit for once. Saga Rodiek is visiting Berit, who left her guest alone by the TV.

Right after her husband, Emilia grows up, too. In her case an extreme make-over is completely necessary

And with the portraits of both Patric and Emilia post make over, we end this update.


Los after round 22:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Berit Carlsson


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