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University part 2 - Year 83-84

I had real problems with my browser this time, so if the text looks strange or there seems to be something missing, that's the reason. I really hope it'll straighten itself out, because I have no idea what to do about it. For example, it doesn't work to put in links, so here's the address to part 1: http://jungfrun68.livejournal.com/132738.html

Lena Berg, Romance, lost her pink hair when she transitioned to YA. 
It will be mended immediately. Her mother Susanne hugs her tight before going back home to Roteberg.

Lena wished for Thomas Cormier to come to Uni with her, and so he does, with Gustav Hartwig, Popularity, in tow..

Thomas is a Pleasure sim with an LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. Strange LTW for a Pleasure sim, but anyway. He choses a Literature major to help him reach his goal.
Lena chooses Literature, too, because it’s the only major that helps with a Music career, except Economy, but it doesn’t seem to suit her personality.

After chosing their majors, Thomas kisses Lena carefully. They fall madly in love, and Thomas jump Lena for joy!
That was not exactly planned, though expected.

In the meantime, Gustav applies for, and is accepted in the Greek House. He picks up the phone and moves there immediately.

Lena and Thomas entertain each other in the hottub, even though there’s snow on the ground.

Then she applies for the Greek House. It appears she has some real issues with her future brother-in-law Wilhelm, have no idea what. This will be a tricky one.

Hm… Have a suspicion what the negative emotions were all about. Lena finds Wilhelm three bolts hot, and he went for her sister Monica. I think Lena is jealous! She’s already got a three bolter herself, but that doesn’t matter much for a true Romancer!
Needless to say, Lena is not accepted at first try.

On second try, she’s accepted. Her cousin Adam is the leader of the trials, and when she gets up in level with him, it’s sorted!
Lena will now move to the Greek House, while Thomas will move to the other dorm, where next year’s students are lurking.

Year 83 – Helsinge Nation

The life in the Greek House will be more hectic than in a long time. The first thing that happens is that Love asks Oscar to marry him.

The inhabitants consist now of three different families:
Aron and Adam Wern and their cousin Lena Berg (the BERG clan)
Oscar and Wilhelm Törnblad and their cousin Annika Sandvall (the MONTELL clan)
Love Carlsson and his second cousin Gustav Hartwig (the MATTSSON clan)

One hour later, Lena and Gustav fall in love. No wonder, they are BFFs and have 2 bolts. She’s a Romancer and has her 3bolt lover in another house. He is single, so I guess everything is alright.

The only other guy in the house that is not related to Lena, or gay, is Wilhelm. They really hate each other now, despite them having three bolts. In a way it makes things less complicated. She DID get herself involved with Gustav, and secondly, Wilhelm is engaged to Lena’s sister Monica.

After the fight including his lover, Gustav decides he wants to study Political Science. He has known for a long time that he does NOT want to study Biology, but just now he knew what he wanted.

Some of the sims are out of sync with their school year. Love is one of them, so he goes to the campus gym, where time passes for him but not for the others. While there he maxes his body skill, but he really needs some workout anyway, being quite soft around the middle.
He could also need another sweatsuit!

Then he goes home and finishes the book he started as a freshman. And what a debut! His first book IS a bestseller, just as he wished for. It’s lucrative to state the obvious.
The biggest problem is to find a title for the book that fits in 20 positions but still describes the contents.

Toga parties must be had if you are a Greek House with self respect. Combine with a batch of comfort soup. What will we do when Annika, as the last Family sim leaves campus?

After year 83, we have the following statistics for the Berg clan:
Adam Wern, Pleasure Junior, SCL Physics
Aron Wern, Fortune Junior, SCL Economy
Lena Berg, Romance Sophomore, SCL Literature

For the Montell clan:
Annika Sandvall, Family Senior, SCL Literatur
Oscar Törnblad, Popularity Senior, SCL Drama
Wilhelm Törnblad, Pleasure Senior, SCL Mathematics

And the Mattsson clan:
Love Carlsson, Fortune Junior, SCL Drama
Gustav Hartwig, Popularity Sophomore, SCL Political Science

Year 84 – The Dorms

Ulrika Myhr arrives to campus alone in year 84. She is installed in the dorms, where she will stay until there's more room in the Greek House, at the end of this year.

All the inhabitants in the dorm choose their majors. It's these four that will live their first year on campus together. Johannes and Molly are brother and sister, ex custom townies. Thomas is Lena Berg's townie lover.

By chance I saw that Thomas had a family tree. And look! Zeeshan, Mattsmyra's best store clerk and Ralf Lilja, living with Sofia Mattsson, are his brothers! Maybe we have a plan for the former townie house Storfallet, where we have four elders at the moment...

The Greek House try-outs start, and Thomas is easily accepted.

Ulrika is next into the Greek House. Oscar seems delighted.

She celebrates by taking Molly to her bed for their first woohoo. Just remember that you’re supposed to marry Adam Wern, Ulrika!

Ulrika is a true bisexual. She’s got three men and three women on her sexiest list. Sexiest of them all is the man whore Marcus Montell. Her intended Adam Wern is only on place five.

Johannes has a tough time staying only friends wth Ulrika. He finds her three bolts hot. Apart from that, he’s deeply in love with Elisabet, who recently graduated and married Marcus Montell.

As soon as Molly leaves for class, her brother takes Ulrika to bed. Another love and lust triangle in Mattsmyra is formed, between the two Knowledge girls and the Family boy!

Time passes quickly at the dorms, and sometimes Ulrika even behaves like a real Knowledge sim and does some assignments.

At the end of year 84, the inhabitants at Landgraab dorm are:
Thomas Cormier, Pleasure, Mathematics Sophomore
Molly Ljunggren, Knowledge, Physics Sophomore, SCL
Johannes Ljunggren, Family, Biology Sophomore, MCL
Ulrika Myhr, Knowledge, Literature Sophomore, SCL

Year 84, Helsinge Nation

The dorm quartet is visiting the Greek House where they are members, and immediately the shit hits the fan when Johannes starts flirting with Ulrika. His sister Molly is very upset, since as we know, Molly and Ulrika are lovers.

Usually it’s calm in the Greek House, though, with the constellation of people who live here.

Except when Lena has a rendez-vous with Thomas Cormier in the hottub… Gustav was not happy!

In the evening, Adam rolls the wish to go on a date, in true Pleasure fashion. He invites Ulrika Myhr to the Old SimTower, and we realize upon arrival that Ulrika wants to fall in love with Adam. That’s amazing news!

And after a few jokes, Adam wishes to fall in love with Ulrika too! This setup works better than J68 dared hope.

Soon there is love. Adam just held Ulrika’s hands, and hearts were flying through the air. Now he wants to be engaged to her, but we’ll wait until she’s ready to take that step.

Well, that didn’t take long!

Who can say no to that?

Ulrika sure didn’t say no! There will not be a wedding, though, since we need an heir with the last name Myhr at Myren.

Back at the Greek House the young ones seal their engagement in true Greek House fashion, in the hottub, since the double bed is already occupied.

For Lena, this semester is not so much fun. She’s constantly fighting with Wilhelm, her sister’s fiancé. Luckily he will graduate after next semester, but that’s many days from now.
As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also put on academic probation after her miserable performance in her studies.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with Wilhelm. He hates Aron, too. It will be such a relief when he graduates, he always stalks either Lena or Aron to bug them or fight with them. And he's from the nicest family in Mattsmyra, the Törnblads

Not only the residents fight, but also the guests. Too much drama at the semester’s first toga party

Not five minutes later, Wilhelm and Lena are at it, too. I really wish this Uni year was over with. Soon!

Annika gets really bored with all the fighting and wishes to play with a bird. Helsinge Nation hasn’t had a bird for years, but the cage has been standing around in the kitchen. Now a bird, resembling a falcon, is bought, and named in uni manner to 3DES Algoritm

Lena and Gustav are just starting to get back together, and Gustav has started flirting with Lena. Then her other lover, Thomas Cormier is strolling in and discovers her betrayal. How could we ever play the sims before ACR, I just wonder?

Finally we might have some peace and quiet in the Greek House. Wilhelm Törnblad of the Montell clan graduates Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics and spends his graduation party on the drums.

His graduation photo is taken with his brother Oscar. Wilhelm has a Pleasure aspiration and is engaged to Monica Berg, Lena’s sister. He will move back to Mattsmyra, to the original house of Roteberg to start his life as a game designer and father of six, whereof the first is already in preparation. Probably that’s why Monica didn’t show up at the graduation party, she’s extremely pregnant!

Next up is Oscar Törnblad of the Montell clan. He graduates Summa Cum Laude in Drama.
Oscar takes his photo with his fiancé Love Carlsson. Oscar will move back to the Törnblad farm of Svedja and wait there for Love for one year.

Since there now is room in the house, Adam Wern asks his fiancée Ulrika to move in. She gladly accepts and leaves the townie dorm mates behind.

Our last graduate for this round is Annika Sandvall of the Montell clan, cousin to the two Törnblad boys. She graduates Summa Cum Laude in literature.
Since her boyfriend Aron Wern is staying behind another year in uni, he seizes the opportunity to ask Annika to marry him. She accepts, naturally!
Annika is a Family sim. She will move back to Mattsmyra and move in with her sister Märta while waiting for her fiancé Aron to graduate. Then they will marry and live at his family farm Sörbo, where she will raise a lot of children to eventually get six grand-children.
At Helsinge Nation lives by the end of year 84 the following students:

Adam Wern, Pleasure, Senior Physics SCL

Aron Wern, Fortune, Senior Economy SCL

Gustav Hartwig, Popularity, Junior Political Science SCL

Lena Berg, Romance, Sophomore Literature

Love Carlsson, Fortune, Senior Drama SCL


And thereby we go back to the main hood!

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  • Stefan (Steve) Vestlund

    Stefan was born Steve and was invited to become a generation 3 room mate to Natalie Burlin. H e's got red hair and green eyes with a light skin…

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