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Rävkullen year 80-84, Near Scandal

Previously at Rävkullen, Max was sick with a fever and we were afraid he would die and get Emmy taken by Social Services. He got well in time, though.
Lena got pregnant again, and little Stina was born. Max improved his relationship with his biological father to such an extent that Ricky later moved in with the family. Emmy grew up to child and Ricky was too old to get young women into bed with him.

(Still I have problems with my browsers. IE9 refuses to open the dialogues for uploading pictures and adding text, while Google Chrome makes my copied texts blue and underlined without me being able to change it afterwards)

It’s a Benett Sunday, so there’s a bit different crowd than we’ve seen lately.
Caroline, Max’s biological sister by their mother Livia is here being dangerous, still sexy despite her pregnancy

His adoptive family is the one that the game keeps track of. That one consists of his mother Maja (Benett) Hartwig, and siblings Åsa Benett, Elisabet (Hartwig) Montell and Gustav Hartwig. Max is married to Lena (Ceder) and they have two daughters, Emmy and Stina.

Lena is the second daughter of CAS child Maria Berg and townie Orlando Ceder. She’s got two sisters, Sofie and Agnes, married to Martin Montell and Georg Mattsson respectively. Her sisters have one teenaged daughter each, and Lena also has her two aunts Susanne and Ingeborg alive.

The family Sunday is not very pleasant, since the oldest cousins Jenny and Melissa are not the best of friends. Luckily they will not spend time in Uni together, since Jenny is six years younger than Melissa. Nevertheless she looks like she’s got the upper hand in the fight.

It’s Stina’s birthday while the family is present.
Georg: “I think the top fell over and he WAS in the real world in the end of the movie”
Marcus: “You mean that Inception movie – everybody’s talking about it!”

Stina grows up to be an extremely nice Libra. She looks very much like Max!

Monday again – and Lena is promoted to Commander. She brings home a townie friend named Karl Eriksson. Sound like a proper military name.

And Emmy comes home with top grades.

The next day, Lena is promoted to astronaut, and the cooking magazine has arrived and is lying around on the lawn.

The next day again, the winter has arrived, and Lena’s promoted to the top – General. 2p! Now she wants to have 20 pet best friends. Well, if you want that, you’ll have to do it yourself, I won’t help you!

Another birthday for Stina, who is stuck with her smart milk glow. Hopefully the effect will stick, too!

Sina has a preferred hobby of Arts&Crafts, just like her father Max. She looks even more like him now when she’s older!

Despite having the same PJs and the same haircut, the Benett girls don’t seem to have a lot in common. Stina has nothing to say to her sister.

When the others are off to work, Ricky invites his friend Thea Bardh, the betrayed wife of Cristopher Bardh. They are discussing misuc and dance.

OMG, Max! I would have expected this from your father, but not from you! It was half expected that Thea would end up in bed with Ricky, but not with Max, but what do you know? A small complication is that the school bus just hauled up in front of the house...

However, Thea changed her mind. Max, don’t look at me like that, I can’t help that Thea has more morale than you!

Apparently she changed her mind back.
Thea: “What the heck, people think I don’t know what my usband did, but I knew all along. Now I’m 71 and never had sex with anyone but him, and here is this gorgeous 49 year old who wants me – I’m in!”

Then Max gets cold feet.
Thea: ...

The moment passes when Lena comes home. With the infamous Marcus Montell!

Later, in honour of Emmy’s birthday, Max is playing the drums and Ricky and Thea dance a special dance.

Then it’s time to find out what aspiration and lifetime want Emmy will develop.

:| Why am I not surprised?

After a make-over, we see that Emmy is indeed a very beautiful girl, resembling her mother very much, except her eye colour. Lena’s eyes are a soft brown, while Emmy’s are a piercing blue colour.
And by that, we leave Rävkullen for this time. See you later!

Rävkullen after round 22:
Ricky Cormier
Max Benett
Lena Benett
Emmy Benett
Stina Benett

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