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Gondolkanalen 74 year 80-84, Ugly Duckling

 Previously at Gondolkanalen, Siv nearly died from fire, but got away. Helena grew up to toddler and then child. Malcolm was unfaithful and Malva worked.

The update for Gondolkanalen starts with Malcolm’s electronics store reaching level 4.

He's rarely there, so it's no wonder it takes time.

While Malcolm is working in his store, Malva’s twin brother Sebastian is visiting. He autonomously walked into the house. Malva is happy to see him.

Outside, the girls entertain themselves with a pillow fight, and realize that their preferred hobby is Sports. I had no idea that pillow fighting was a sport!

In the evening it’s time for a home date for Malva and Malcolm. They’re pretty sweet together, but they are not each other’s highest match.

Malcolm has already been straying. As we might remember, he had a rendez-vous in the hottub with his work mate Eva while his daughter Siv was nearly burnt to death.
Malva has been true so far, but she seems to have the hots for Cormier men.

One of the upsides with having rich parents is that you can have an indoor pool. Helena invites Jesper Burlin to a game of Marco Polo, and they won’t freeze even though it’s soon winter, since they’re indoors.

Malcolm and Malva both got promoted to Con Artists, and Malva brought home her second highest match Max Benett from work. I’m not sure what he did at their office, he works in the athletics career. Maybe he was there to bet on himself in the next game.

Or he’s here to celebrate Siv’s birthday. We’re all excited to see if Siv has been an ugly duckling who evolves to a beautiful swan

Well, not really, but it could have been a lot worse. Her beautiful eyes really helps.

Siv rolls family, which feels fresh and new in this hood. She turns on from underwear and unemployment, but turns off from perfume. She should marry a sloppy pleasure sim.

She instantly finds a guy to have the hots for – Lars-Erik Knutsson, dormie. Maybe we’ll see our first teen pregnancy in this hood when she starts booty calling him!

Friday, the winter arrives, and Malva gets promoted to getaway driver. Malcolm is left behind again. And Max has been betting on himself again and comes home with Malva

Siv has to buy herself a mobile phone, and goes shopping with her friend Jenny Mattsson.
They have been playing together since they were little girls.

Saturday is dedicated for workout and homework. Helena learns how to study with the help of her father Malcolm.

There is a really strong attraction between Siv and Lars-Erik. She wished to become friends with him and invited him over. They had a daily relation of 13, but he said yes, and the moment he sat foot on the lot they headed straight for the hottub!

And our 14-year-old family girl might fulfill her LTW of graduating 3 children from college earlier than anyone before her…

The 14 Montell cousins are really growing up. Probably there won’t be any more kids, but you never know, maybe Sebastian will have a baby with Rut somewhere along he line, she’s still young. And an accident can always happen here in the Markövertag house, too.

Luckily, the front porch of the Markövertag mansion is big enough to fit all the Montell siblings with families. Let the chaos begin!

The biggest traffic jam is on the ledge above the pool area. There the sims get stuck for hours on end.

Firends are made and games are watched. An ordinary family Sunday, indeed.

Helena is getting good at the piano, and entertains her older cousins. They’re all older than her, Helena is the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of the Monell family, so it makes sense.

The last one to leave that night is Oscar, Malva’s nephew. He spent all afternoong trimming hedges and has frozen himself blue. Anyway, thanks for your effort!

Gondolkanalen 74 after round 22:
Malcolm Markövertag
Malva Markövertag
Siv Markövertag
Helena Markövertag

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