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Långhed year 80-84, Fortune and Pleasure

 Previously at Långhed, Agnes inherited some money from her mother but would have preferred her help around the house instead. Oscar were teasing his little brother and sister equally. Vidar and Saga grew up to children. Then Svea was born. Kevin was fired from his job and the family funds amounted to 0§. Svea grew up to toddler, looking exactly like her father.

Kevin Rodiek is unemployed and is at home to take care of the family’s youngest child Svea.

He is unfortunately so tired himself that he neglects Svea’s needs.

Agnes arrives home at the same time as the school bus pulls up. She’s promoted to Sous Chef and the boys have excellent grades.

The first teenager in this family will be Oscar, in only a minute!

He chooses the Pleasure aspiration and turns on from blond and custom hair, but turns off from unemployment. Want a wife who supports you, heh?

Agnes is part of the small Myhr family, which consists only of herself and her brother Rolf and their families. Hopefully there will be two more kids in this house though, since it’s Kevin’s lifetime wish to marry off 6 children.

It has taken a while. Svea is nearly a child by this time, but Agnes finally finds herself pregnant again. Let’s hope for twins!

Over dinner, Kevin tells Vidar that there will be another baby in the house soon.

But first, the latest baby Svea will become a child!

Kevin has been unemployed for a while, but with another baby on the way, the family cannot survive on only one income. Therefore he applies for the highest paying job available, as a pop & lock dancer.

Saturday, Oscar hangs at the mall, like all other teenagers. The difference between him and many others is that he can only dream about the electronics and gizmos all the other kids buy.

Already after his first day, Kevin is promoted to Dance Video Star and gets a considerable bonus. It will come in handy with all the needs we have. Vidar and Saga will be teenagers and still there’s the expected baby. And all the appliances break all the time, so a repairman would be needed too!

Agnes is dressed when her labour starts. It’s very rare, usually sims tend to be in their pyjamas when it happens, since they sleep all the time.
Agnes: “Kevin! This is your fault!!”

It’s twins, and it’s girls. I think it’s the first time ever that there are girl twins born in Mattsmyra. They get Popular names 30 and 25, Moa and Matilda. Another set of twins that randomly get names on the same first letter!
Their birthday is the 23rd of January ’84. They look exactly the same with brown hair and brown eyes, but Moa has a darker skintone than Matilda. Additionaly Moa carries a blond recessive and Matilda a red one. All the Rodiek kids have a blond or red recessive from Agnes, but Kevin’s brown is of course dominant in this generation.

Family Sunday is really small. Only Agnes’ brother Rolf, his wife Britta and their daughters Ulrika and Alva are invited.

Ulrika takes to her small cousins immediately. Maybe she’ll become a good mother herself one day.

Later that day, Agnes invites her friend Malva over and asks her to bring her family. She’s got a hidden agenda – to let Oscar meet Malva’s blond daughter Siv. She is appropriate in age, but there is only one bolt. The SimGodess plan is to marry him off with Siv, or one of her cousins Siri or Sara. He hasn’t met the other two yet, so we’ll see. Maybe he’s even got some plans on his own.

During the afternoon an incredibly exciting game of kicky ball evolves

Family and Friends Sunday ends with a double birthday – first Saga.

Closely followed by her brother Vidar.

Saga rolls Fortune and has a strange combination of turn-ons and turn-offs. How she will find someone fit without being athletic is beyond me at least!
Vidar is quite the opposite to his sister and follows in his brother’s footsteps and chooses Pleasure. He turns on from gray hair and artistic skills but turns off from jewellery.

To distinguish the two from the rest of the hood we give them each a make-over, and thereby the round at Långhed is over.

Långhed after round 22:
Kevin Rodiek
Agnes Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek
Vidar Rodiek
Saga Rodiek
Svea Rodiek
Moa Rodiek
Matilda Rodiek

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