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Fallåsen year 80-84, Kodak Moments

Previously at Fallåsen, Noel reached the top of the Athletics career, and wooed and woohooed lots of women.


The week at Noel Bardh’s house starts with low cash-flow.

When Karin the gardener is finished with her work there’s no money to pay her and she quits, taking some of Noel’s stuff with her as payment.

Then he invites over the first of all his two-bolters he didn’t woohoo yet, Malin. She brings a friend and he woos them both.

He uses all his array of tricks on Malin

Unfortunately the conquering has to be cancelled due to Noel trying to deal with food poisoning.

But what do you know? Malin stays past her bedtime just to get the chance to jump between the sheets with Noel. I would have taken off by first sign of nausea, whether it’s contageous or not!

Sunday is family day and Noel tries to put his urges on hold for a while. Noel and his twin brother Simon are sons of Thea (Mattsson), the first baby born in Mattsmyra, and Cristopher Bardh. They have a toddler brother by their father, Jörgen, who’s mother is Vera Johansson. Noel has a son, Alexander, and a baby on the way with Caroline Johansson, Vera’ s cousin, while Simon has a daughter, Cecilia with Annika Lind, his live-in girlfriend.

Jörgen and his mother Vera are not invited, since he’s too small to enjoy a family gathering. Nevertheless this family is interesting, with two male and two female super seducers.

Caroline: ”I would really like to travel somewhere when this baby is delivered”

Noel: ”Well, travelling would be great, but there’s no Bon Voyage expansion installed on the SimGodess’s computer”
Caroline: “She could use her daughter’s disc, that’s all I have to say...”

Alexander: ”Daddy, Mummy says you’re sick. Do you have a fever?”

Noel: ”Yes, I had some fever, but I think I’m getting better.”
Alexander: +

In the late afternoon Noel invites his next-in-line Carla and works his charms on her.

Carla is only Noel’s no 15, but j68 goal is to move him to Korskrogen where Caroline and Alexander lives after this round. The rest of the woohoos we’ll try to make public.. According to the game’s rules they count as separate woohoos towards the 20.
If he can make that work without being discovered by Caroline, he’ll be allowed to move.

First he tries his luck with the mailwoman, but she won’t have any of it.
Carola: “Excuse me! I’m trying to do my job here and do not appreciate harassments from the patrons, thank you very much!”
Noel: (What am I supposed to do now?)

His college lover Kattis is much more inclined to fall for his invites!

It seems a boutique was the wrong place to bring a girl for public woohoo. Kattis is completely absorbed in the clothes racks and doesn’t hear Noel’s suggestions to “go upstairs”

And it might be just as well, since Caroline is here!

Another try at another location works better, and Noel has his first public woohoo ever! (I think!)

He moves on to the next immediately – Opal, who grew old all of a sudden.

By this time quite the audience has gathered around the photo booth. Kattis is in the corner realizing she’s not the only one!

The next day he’s inviting Agnes Mattsson, his cousin’s wife, to the grocery store in city, which so far has proved being a lucky spot for Noel.

Don’t look like that, Agnes! You knew perfectly well what type of guy Noel was. And you’re not much better yourself. Well, maybe you are, but you wish you could be like him!

Next! The audience is already gathering.

Anneli is clearly more satisfied than Agnes after her ride in the photo booth.

Carla is back for more sweet talking. And the countess realizes that she’s shopping in the same store as Carla.

And thereby, at age 39, Noel fulfills his LTW of woohooing 20 sims. 1p!

His next LTW is to have 20 simultaneous lovers – the games revenge for j68 using loop holes... Anyway, Noel starts checking off his crushes list to turn them into lovers...

And by nightfall, he’s got a hottub full of beautiful women!

By Tuesday Noel ran out of female crushes and started holding the hands of his male friends. It worked with Sebastian at least. Max seems to wonder if he’s up next.

But then, the round is over for Noel and he invites Caroline over to talk to his new baby.

He also promises her that he will be good and committed to her, and she promises he can come live with her and Alexander (and Caroline's cousin Stina who lives at Korskrogen, too)

So, after round 22, the house on Fallåsen is empty, free for someone else to use.

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