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Norrbo year 80-84, Single Mother

Previously at Norrbo, Åsa started a job in the Culinary track and served Grilled Cheese to friends and neighbours. Unfortunately she got fired from a bad chance card. She started an intimate relationship with her college friend Gunnar Flyckt and found herself pregnant. Then we started the tradition of Family Sunday, which is now a standard event in all the hood of Mattsmyra!

Åsa Benett is heavily pregnant and putters around her house, anticipating the birth of her child.
We think that Gunnar Flyckt, a college student, is the father. It might be Noel but it’s a smaller chance.

While waiting she booty calls Gunnar. Maybe she wants to help the baby out – it’s a proven method to jump start the labour.

Apparently it worked, too! In the evening it’s time for a blond baby!

It’s a girl, what else? But she’s a redhead! Åsa DOES have a red recessive after her father Daniel, but surely I thought the blond would be dominant. It’s also possible that Gunnar is really a redhead, it’s pretty common with dyed townies...

Yes, Gunnar is the girl’s father. She gets Popular name no 66 – Frida, and her birthday is the 6th of November ’80.

Now when she’s got a daughter to support, Åsa realizes she needs a job. She accepts the first available one in a law firm, even though she would prefer to become a journalist.

It doesn’t take long for her to reach Personal Injury Attorney.

It doesn’t take long until it’s Frida’s birthday either.

Family and friends gather for the occasion. It's a classical sims birthday, indeed.

It’s hard to say who Frida looks like the most at this young age. We’ll have to compare with toddler pictures of Åsa.

When Mormor Maja picks her up, we see that the mouth is from the Benett side at least! Exactly the same as Mormor :)

It’s a great party and a fantastic opportunity to serve some Grilled Cheese!

Åsa and Frida have a close relationship, being only them in the house. Åsa has no wants whatsoever regarding Frida’s father or any other man for that matter. Her thoughts circle around grilled cheese and her wish to become a journalist.

Now when Frida is a toddler, she gets introduced into the world of Grilled Cheese, and Åsa has someone to cook for!

After a healthy meal of Grilled Cheese and a bottle of smartmilk, Frida finds that her true hobby is Music&Dance

Then it’s Sunday and the family is invited for a day of company and Grilled Cheese.

Frida’s father is invited too and he even appreciates a conversation about Grilled Cheese. He’s a good man.

Åsa is part of the complex love triangle of her late father Daniel Johansson. He was married to one woman and had a daughter, Åsa’s sister Stina, and he had a mistress, Maja, Åsa’s mother. Maja adopted Åsa’s cousin Max, who was neglected by his mother Livia. Later Maja broke her relation with Daniel and married Leif Hartwig. With him she had two children, Åsa’s brother and sister Gustav and Elisabet.

It’s a strange winter at Norrbo. The butterflies are flying while the snow is falling. And that’s the most exciting event during family Sunday. See you next time!

Norrbo after round 22:
Åsa Benett
Frida Benett

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