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Downtown year 80-84, No Drama

 Previously at Downtown, Anita graduated from Uni and moved into an abandoned Asylum. She started a career in Entertainment and invited over a lot of friends, including her college Drama Professor. The professor certainly caused drama, and nearly ruined the relationship between Anita's college friend David Lind and his wife Gerd.

Anita Jernelid is a single Broadway star and works very hard to get fit for the roles.
She's a Fortune sim and lets nothing stand in her way towards her goal.

Since she’s got no relatives, Anita spends Sunday at the sports lot with Cecil Granetoft. The outing develops to something completely different.

Then, when nothing more happens with Cecil, it’s back to the workout machine.

Lunch with a walk-by who looks exactly like Cecil…

Back to the workout machine again… This time she maxes her body skill, so hopefully we won’t have to see her working out again.

That night Anita is promoted to Leading Lady and is getting closer to the top.

Now she’s lacking charisma skill, so we’ll see her in front of the mirror until that is remedied. No drama whatsoever this round, but maybe that’s better than last time’s disaster!

Downtown after round 22:

Anita Jernelid

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