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Järvsö year 80-84, Two Sisters

 Previously at Järvsö, Märta graduated from college and started her single adult life with parties to make friends.

Märta is on the phone again. This time it’s her youngest cousin Helena on the line.

Since Märta is of the Montell clan, she’s related to half of Mattsmyra.

When she’s not on the phone, she’s got people over visiting. Here it’s Malcolm, Helena’s father, Märta’s uncle by marriage.

On her day off, she arranges a party with people, mostly relatives, that she’s not best friends with yet. Chili con carne is served and Helena eats a full bowl and burps very un-girly-like.

The first day of work for this round, Märta comes home with messed up hair and a promotion to Superstar.

She celebrates by taking her college lover boy Lars-Erik Knutsson to her bed.

Then it's time for her little sister Annika to move in. She is staying here for one year, while she's waiting for her fiancé and the heir to Sörbo, Aron Wern, to graduate.

Märta and Annika are daughters of Barbro (Montell) and David Sandvall. Their two brothers Pontus and Oliver still live with their parents.

Family Sunday is a small affair here too, since no one in this generation have children of their own yet.

Annika invites her fiancé Aron Wern over for family Sunday. Next round they will finally get married, when we visit his house after he graduates. Unless anything unexpected happens of course – you never know...

Aron is trying to make contact with his brother-in-law

It doesn’t work too well. Aron could use some improvement in his social skill. And with that, we have reached the last picture of the last house of round 22 of Mattsmyra. Statistics up next!

Järvsö after round 22:
Märta Sandvall
Annika Sandvall

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