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Öljung, Monday - Wednesday


Introducing Inger Johansson in her own place Öljung (which means Island Heather). Inger had a breakdown when she reached adulthood, but after catching up on First Kiss and moving to her own place, she’s better aspiration-wise. Now she’s planning to meet her crush Jesper Montell at a community lot.

Inger and Jesper are developing a relationship that seems promising. Time to plan a wedding in a few days, I believe. My guess for future Montell children will be dark skinned, brown-eyed redheads. I wish there was more of chance in genetics, I see only dominant treats coming through.

In the afternoon Jesper agrees to move in with Inger, bringing 18.000 simoleons. Congratulations Inger, your humble beginnings are over, finance problems are over!

Life is certainly turning around for Inger. Her and Jesper are progressing incredibly fast, it’s only still Monday night. Dan Mattson, who’s visiting, doesn’t care much about the two lovers.

Jesper and Inger get engaged Tuesday afternoon, and the wedding is planned for the same night.

The wovs are given – let the party commence!

The traditional cake is served with dignity. Brother Daniel is entertaining someone outside the picture. Inger wears a fabulous dress, and everybody is extremely happy.

The party is a great success, and the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Montell, are leaving for their honey moon. 

From now on we’re working on Jesper’s LTW to marry off 6 children. Luckily Inger likes learning things from books, she’ll be staying home a lot in the future. If the seed is sown already remains unclear though, since j68's computer refuses to make sounds anymore. We'll be informed during next round.

Inhabitants at Öljung after round 4:
Inger (Johansson) Montell
Jesper Montell

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