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Mattsgården year 85-87, Sneaky Jenny

 Welcome back to a new season of Mattsmyra - scheduled to premier on the 4th of July, broadcasted on the 4th of July! :)
Happy Independence to you American readers! Anyway:

Previously at Mattsgården, Georg reached his Knowledge IW, to max all skills. He also reached the top of the Education career, which was his LTW. Agnes wrote children's books and found a job in the slacker career. Jenny helped around the house until she grew up to a Popularity teen. 

Georg Mattsson, Knowledge
Agnes Mattsson, Romance
Jenny Mattsson, Popularity

The mood status of the little family at Mattsgården is good. However, we see a tendency that Jenny is developing into a naughty girl. She wants to sneak out with three of her friends, including her cousin Emmy.

Jenny is, on her mother’s side, part of the Girls-Only Berg family in Mattsmyra. They descend from CAS child Maria Berg. Jenny’s mother Agnes is Maria’s youngest daughter with townie Orlando Ceder.

On her father’s side, Jenny is part of the Mattsson clan, and has a lot of cousins by her aunt Elisabeth. In total, the Mattsson cousins are 13, only beaten by the Montell clan that consists of 14 cousins so far.

Oscar Rodiek passes by the house, and Jenny greets him. The planned match for her is Oscar’s brother Vidar, but we’ll see.

It seems highly unlikely that Jenny and Oscar will end up together anyway!

The afternoon is spent at the pool table with Oscar, Vidar and townie Måns. Jenny has one bolt with Måns and Vidar and a crossed-out one with Oscar.

Agnes comes home promoted to Professional Party Guest, and thus acheives her LTW at age 43. Since it’s also the TOC for the Slacker career we get 2p!
Now she wants to woohoo 20 different sims, but that is soo not happening.

She chooses a secondary aspiration of Fortune, which fits perfectly. Already now, being a fulltime Romancer, she wishes to buy one thing after another.

Jenny continues to invite the Rodiek teens every day, and has started to open her eyes against Vidar. They have started a very shy flirting lately.

At 1 am, Jenny is officially asleep in her room, but she’s really lying awake, waiting for her cousin Emmy to pick her up. They are sneaking out tonight!

Sneaky, sneaky! Cool ride, Emmy!

At 4 am she sneaks back in, but she is observed, both by her Farfar Loke’s ghost and some stray dog.

Her mother meets her at the door, but she’s not asking any questions, she’s just happy to have someone to talk to. Un-orthodox upbringing, maybe...

The last night for this round, Jenny arranges a sports party for her friends. For the first time, her and Vidar actually touch. They are becoming a couple, slowly but surely!

Mattsgården after round 23:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson

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