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Myren year 85-87 - Rolf's Dream Date

 Previously at Myren, Rolf maxed his body skill and could leave his most hated activity behind for good. Rolf and Britta turned into elders. Ulrika nearly lost her virginity to a woman. Then she spent time with her boyfriend. Alva grew up to toddler and then child. Rolf finally got over his crush with Emilia (Mattsson) Carlsson. We had a ghost Evert sighting and Ulrika moved to college just in time for family Sunday.

At Myren we now have three inhabitants:
Rolf Myhr, Pleasure elder
Britta Myhr, Pleasure elder
Alva Myhr

Not much is happening at Myren. Rolf and Britta are constantly dating, but rarely reach dreamdate status, so Rolf isn’t getting any closer to his LTW of 50 dreamdates. The family baby Alva has had her first school day today and is now learning how to study.

Britta needs a lot of friends to be able to reach the top of the Slacker career, so when she’s not dating Rolf she’s on the phone.

Every single time Rolf and Britta dates, Rolf rolls the wish to fall in love with Linn, the Uni cheer leader. One of these days I will invite her over and see what happens...

The wish is apparently mutual. When Britta goes to work, Rolf invites Linn for a date, and she wants to fall in love with him just as he wishes to fall in love with her.

After one flirt, they fall instantly in love, as he at least has wished for since he was in college. It’s easy to get a dreamdate this time! Nothing more intimate happens between them, so technically Rolf wasn't even unfaithful.

Since Rolf got promoted to Lead Actor, he spends the rest of the round skilling for the next level., and has no more wishes for Linn. He just wanted to love her, I guess.

Just to show that she's still around, we see that as a pastime after school, Alva plays a game with her cousin Svea Rodiek and Olle Burlin.

Myren after round 23:
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Alva Myhr

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