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Korskrogen year 85-87 - Musical Maja

 Previously at Korskrogen, Caroline was a great mother to Alexander, who grew up very well to child. When Alexander went to school, Caroline tried to get her number of loves up. She also failed to get the wishing well from the Garden club. Then she got pregnant by Noel again. Stina worked in her Education career and had no Family wishes at all. 

Inhabitants at Korskrogen in year 85:
Noel Bardh, Romance
Caroline Johansson, Romance
Stina Johansson, Family
Alexander Johansson

We start this round with Noel, who recently moved in with his lover Caroline and his son Alexander. Noel collected so much aspiration points that he’s able to claim a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

Caroline is heavily pregnant, but she tries to keep up with the housework anyway. Stina’s two dogs seem to be constantly dirty, and they are also difficult to handle in the tub.

Alexander does great in school, and appreciates to have both Mamma and Pappa around to know it.

Stina comes home promoted to Dean of Students and brings groceries with her. Alexander’s friend, or biologically his cousin, is also named Stina. She’s the daughter of Max Benett, Caroline’s biological brother.

Before daybreak on Tuesday, Caroline takes the dogs for a walk, and when she comes back, the labour starts. Time for baby!

And on the 12th of December ’86 at 3.42 AM, a blond baby girl is born. She gets Common name no 66 – Maja.

Maja is generation 4, just like her brother. Their mother is generation 2, since her mother was CAS toddler Livia Johansson. Her father is generation 3, since his mother Thea (Mattsson) was born in game, so therefor the kids are generation 4.

Despite her having a baby now, Caroline still has time for her big boy. She certainly is another kind of mother than her own mother was!

Then there’s a smustle party with the friends Noel and Stina bring home from work.

Stina is Caroline’s cousin. Stina is the daughter of CAS child Daniel Johansson and his townie wife Sofie (Melinder). She’s got a half sister by her father, Åsa Benett, whose mother is Maja Benett. Maybe that’s who our baby Maja was named for?

On the kids’ birthday, the shit hits the fan, when Noel’s brother’s live-in girlfriend Annika flirts with Noel before his very eyes. Simon is not pleased! The strange thing is he never noticed anything in his own house. Noel and Annika has always flirted with each other, ever since college, since they are both Romancers.

However, it’s birthday, so adult matters have to wait. Come on, Alex, blow out the candles! He looks like an old-fashioned general, holding his arm behind his back.

Alexander rolls Pleasure, so we suspect that the Birka lifestyle has worn over to Mattsmyra, too. He seems to want a playmate for a partner, not a provider.
To celebrate his teenhood, Alexander chooses a rebellious look and ACR decides that he’s slightly gay. We’ll see where we end up with that

It’s also Maja’s birthday. Stina takes her to the cake.

Maja is very Swedish looking with her blond straight hair and big darkblue eyes. She looks a lot like Noel, too, even more than her brother. Caroline’s narrow eyes are lost in the genetics of her children. Maybe they pop up in the next generation. Unless Maja becomes gay, too... Morfar Robin and Farfar Cristopher are attending the birthdays of their grandchildren. Farmor Thea is here, too, but hides from the camera.

Maja turns out to be an extremely outgoing Leo, and as soon as Caroline starts teaching her the Itsy Bitsy Spider song, she realizes that her true hobby is Music & Dance. That’s a nice hobby, easy to find activities for all ages.

Korskrogen after round 23:
Noel Bardh
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Alexander Johansson
Maja Johansson
Rio, the mini pincher
Janeiro, the terrier

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