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Roteberg year 85-87 - Success Story

 Previously at Roteberg, Lena romanced Thomas Cormier. Then she maxed her Music&Dance enthusiasm and moved to Uni. Susanne finished part 4 of her Dr Susanne novels and started the 5th. Patrik grew up well to elder, looking like a farmer in his everyday clothes. Then Monica came back from Uni and ended up pregnant by her fiancé Wilhelm Törnblad. Then there was family Sunday.

We start off with four inhabitants at Roteberg:
Susanne Mellberg, 71, Popularity
Patrik Mellberg, 61, Popularity
Monica Berg, 25, Family
Wilhelm Törnblad, 23, Pleasure

 And the cat - Kompis.

No more does Wilhelm, Monica’s fiancé arrive from Uni before he finds a job as a Guild Leader in his LTW career of Gaming. He’s a lucky guy!

The only thing he needs to reach the top is another Logic point, and he gets that before lunchtime on his first day as an adult. He looks terribly evil and I seriously think he’s got anger issues. I hope he gets to release them through his games!

In the meantime, Susanne finishes her 5th book in her Dr Susanne series.
As always, the book is an instant success. The loyal readers lined up outside the bookstores as soon as the book was out!

Parties is a common activity in this house, since both Patrik and Susanne are Popularity sims. And we wait and wait for the baby. When is it coming, Monica?

Tuesday afternoon it’s time. Susanne is there to support her daughter.

It’s twins, and it’s boys! We have broken the curse of the all-girls-family! The boys both have Monica’s colours and look completely identical. Their birthday is New Year’s Eve ’86 and they get Common banes 46 and 25 – Robert and Niklas. 2p!
And the best thing of all – we already have two potential male heirs to this original house, which means that it’s perfectly fine for Monica to marry Wilhelm now, as she wants to!

More good news: Patrik reaches his second LTW and second TOC to become Mayor, and we get 1p.

And we don’t stop there! Even Susanne gets home promted to her second TOC, to become a Rock God, and we get 1p!

By that promotion she’s able to fill her aspiration board completely. 3p!

And as a finale on an incredibly successful day and a dreamdate, Wilhelm asks Monica to marry him and become Mrs Törnblad.

And the 3rd of december ’87, the young couple kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

Birthdays! Another reason to throw a party. Morfar Mayor takes the boys to their cakes. Since they look exactly the same you get only one picture.

And in the middle of the party Wilhelm arrives home promoted to Game Designer at age 25. It’s a new Mattsmyra record! He now wants to become a Professional Party Guest.

Niklas turns out to be an extremely neat and very nice Capricorn, and Wilhelm is so happy that his boys are growing up.

Robert turns out to be an extremely neat, shy and active Virgo, who is in addition very nice.

And as a last picture we give you the family tree. Niklas and Robert are happy enough to have all their grand-parents alive, which is unusual.

Roteberg after round 23:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica (Berg) Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Niklas Berg
Robert Berg
Kompis, the cat

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