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Lottefors year 85-87, No Babies

There is something wrong with my livejournal and I cannot have big problems to upload pictures.  I have tried with both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, but not much luck.

Previously at Lottefors, Carita asked the genie for peace of mind to compensate for her lack of six children to marry off. Simon enjoyed retired life by playing with the dog and his friends. Sara grew up to a Pleasure teen with an LTW of having 50 dreamdates. She met a boy named Sixten with the help of the gypsy.
Marcus came home after Uni with Elisabet Hartwig. Then we had a huge, computer crashing wedding.


Simon Montell, 65, Knowledge
Carita Montell, 64, Family
Marcus Montell, 24, Knowledge
Elisabet Montell, 24, Family
Sara Montell, 14, Pleasure
Jiingii, the cross-breed

The older and younger Mrs Montell are building their relationship over a game of chess. Elisabet and Marcus just tried to make a baby, and now he’s asleep. We don’t know yet if the try gave any results.

Simon is a Knowledge sim and is now working on his last body skill points. It’s hard work for an old man. He’s 65 by now.

When Marcus wakes up, there are no Intelligence jobs available, so he continues his own pursuit for Knowledge. Jiingi tries to get him to play with her instead.

In the meantime we find that Elisabet was pregnant, but she lost the baby in an early miscarriage.

Sara has a carefree teenage life, and has started a dating series with Sixten, whom she met last round through the gypsy. They have three bolts, but so far it has been innocent.

Tonight they are getting ready to be more serious about each other. They develop a crush.

And they share a first kiss. Awww! Sara is only 14, but what can you do? Naturally it’s a dreamdate!

Back home, Marcus finds a job in the Intelligence career as an Agent. Good start!

Then Simon maxes his Body skill, which means he maxed all skills and has reached the Knowledge IW. 3p!

Marcus got demoted to Rookie Agent for some inexperienced decision. Chance cards!

Elisabet came over her miscarriage pretty quickly and has tried to get pregnant again.
While waiting for results she’s studying, too, to keep calm.

Later, it seems Elisabet is finally pregnant again, after many many tries. Let’s hope she’ll keep it this time.

And Marcus made up for past mistakes and was promoted back to Agent, where he once started.

Elisabet wants to get out of the house once in a while, too, and accepts a job as a tapdancer.

Lottefors after round 23:

Simon Montell
Carita Motell
Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Sara Montell
Jiingi, the cross-breed


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