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University - Year 85-87


Year 85 - The Dorms

Melissa Montell arrives to the dorms in an outfit that doesn’t fit a Law student at all.


Her best friend and crush Måns Ljunggren is coming with her to Uni. His older brother Johannes and his older sister Molly are already here.

Melissa calls Helsinge Nation as a first measure to get the most out of her uni years, and the colourful group arrives immediately.

The uni drama starts immediately. Ulrika flirts with someone, and Johannes, who thought they had a future together is very upset, to say the least.

In the end the trial time is too short for Melissa this time, so she fails to get accepted in the Greek House. Next time I’m sure she’ll have more luck!

Just by encouraging Måns, they fall in love with each other.

The young couple choose their majors. Melissa picks Psychology since it fits with her LTW of becoming the Law, while Måns chooses Drama since he wants to become Hall of Famer. Hopefully there are many teams in Mattsmyra, since we have a lot of sims with that LTW.

The next day Melissa tries again to become a member of Helsinge Nation, and this time it works fine. She will however stay in the dorm during her freshman year.

Måns applies for membership in Helsinge Nation, too, and he succeeds at his first try. Maybe Love thinks he's cute. (Love (Lou-veh)  is gay as you might remember)

After an uneventful semester, Thomas Cormier finishes his sophomore year SCL. He decides to change his aspiration to Knowledge.

Melissa, our main character, finishes off her first year in college SCL in Psychology, and thereby we turn over to the Greek House.

Helsinge Nation, year 85

It’s Adam’s last year in college and he will soon leave. Him and his fiancée Ulrika Myhr, heiress of Myren, has only one bolt in between them, so it’s decided that they will try to do better that. Adam drinks his potion that he received when he became a teen. He already had the hots for glasses, so he changes the other one to red hair.

It’s not much to be done with Ulrika’s preferences either, since she already has the hots for brown hair. Well, well, we can’t all have matches made in heaven, I guess.

After the measures taken, we actually get two bolts between Adam and Ulrika. She is however pretty promiscuous, and in addition bisexual, so she’s got many lovers. Her match made in heaven seems to be Johannes Ljunggren, 3 bolts, but she never rolls wants about him. Instead she tells the frozen-blue streaker about her engagement.

Lena, who was on academic probation one semester, is now spending a lot of time away from the Greek House, to catch up with her room mates in time. A positive side effect is that she gets to meet a lot of new, interesting people and have some intellectual discussions...

She actually does something useful too, by going to the library to write her term paper.

Other events of significance this semester is that the falcon/parrot 3DES Algoritm dies unexpectedly. No one remembers how old he is, but parrots usually get very old.

Love graduates soon, and wants to make money writing novels. His latest novel is about “One sunny day I will play football and earn a lot of money, money, money. The End”

The rest of the time is spent partying with resident and non-resident Greek House members.

And while Adam is doing his final exams, his brother Aron seizes the opportunity to taste his future sister-in-law. This could have been the permanent solution for you two, but you had no bolts what-so-ever when you both grew up. But now, when it’s too late, there is two bolts! Maybe it's just nostalgia, since they were actually a couple as teens.

Adam passes his exams SCL, and has an overall result of SCL. 1p!

Adam’s party is not bad, and he leaves happy. He’ll go home to his parents’ house for two years, while Ulrika, his fiancée finishes her studies. He will start his dream career of becoming a Game Designer and have a lot of bubble baths, since he’s a Pleasure sim.

Love graduates MCL in Drama. His grades dropped a bit through the last semester, so unfortunately he missed his SCL goal.

During his graduation party, Love is a bad host and finishes his book instead. It's an instant bestseller!

He takes his graduation picture with his fiancé Oscar Törnblad. He will now move in with Oscar’s family and start his adult Fortune life with success in the Athletics field.

Aron is next in line. He graduates SCL in Economy. 1p!

Aron takes his graduation picture with his fiancée Annika Sandvall. He will move back to his parents’ house and marry Annika and start his Fortune adult life and a family.

Still in the Greek House after year 85, we have
Gustav Hartwig, Popularity, Senior Political Science SCL
Lena Berg, Romance, Senior Literature
Ulrika Myhr, Knowledge, Junior Literature SCL

Year 86, The Dorms

Christoffer Montell arrives at night to the Landgraab dorm. He will be the only freshman from Mattsmyra this year.

When Christoffer moves in, his cousin Melissa moves out, to live at Helsinge Nation.

Christoffer has been a Romance sim that had no action as a teen. Now when he’s in Uni he invites Jill Smed on a date and gets his first kiss from her. He dated her once as a teen (which we will see first in the Hamre update later this round), and now when he’s an adult she’s his highest match – three bolts!

Christoffer is accepted in Helsinge Nation on his first try. 1p!

The rest of his freshman year Christoffer spends studying and spending time with Jill.

Helsinge Nation year 86

As you might remember, Ulrika Myhr is bisexual and had a relationship with Molly Ljunggren already as a teen. Now when her fiancé Aron has moved out of the Greek House, Ulrika asks Molly to move in.

Melissa asks Molly’s brother Måns to move in, too.

The Greek House is always full of people, but it’s a very calm year anyway. No scandals at all after more than one semester.

Then, right before Gustav and Lena graduate, there is a party, and a fight!

It’s recently graduated Aron Wern versus long-term GH member Lars-Erik Knutsson.

And Aron wins!

Then it’s graduation time. Gustav Hartwig graduates SCL in Political Science, but is very, very tired!

Gustav will move back to his parents’ house and start his Popularity life with Lena Berg. She’s graduating too.

Believe it or not, but this is Lena. Heh pink hair is hidden under the graduation hat. She graduates without honours in Literature. She had one semester of academic probation and never caught up after that.

Now when some of the students move out, it’s time move some new ones in. Lena asks Thomas Cormier to move in.

Then she leaves, to live with Gustav at Färila, where she will continue her Romance life and start a Music career. She takes her graduation picture with Ulrika Myhr, who was a bit... busy at the time

The third graduate this year is Molly Ljunggren, former townie. She’s a Knowledge sim and graduates MCL in Physics. She will move to her own house in Mattsmyra to wait for her brothers.

And during Molly’s graduation party, her brother Johannes moves in. It seems Ulrika cannot live without a lover. She's really a Romancer in disguise.

And last but not least, Christoffer moves in, thereby emptying the dorms.

At the end of year 86 we have six sims in the Greek House. First it’s the three born-in-game sims:

Melissa Montell, Popularity, Psychology Junior SCL
Christoffer Montell, Romance, Drama Sophomore SCL
Ulrika Myhr, Knowledge, Literature Senior SCL

And then we have the former townies:
Thomas Cormier, Knowledge, Mathematics Senior
Måns Ljunggren, Popularity, Drama Senior
Johannes Ljunggren, Family, Biology Senior SCL.

Year 87 Helsinge Nation

Since Christoffer moved to the Greek House and opened his eyes, he realized that the world is filled with beautiful women. Out of his top six are four married or in serious relationships, though, which leaves two egible. His darling Jill of the Garden Club and Hedvig here, who is sometimes dressed up as a cow.

Måns is completely incompetent when it comes to taking care of himself. He’s always hungry, tired, fun or sleep deprived.

Since Molly moved out, Ulrika made up with Molly’s brother Johannes – big time!
The Knowledge sims in my game are very promiscuous indeed – who doesn’t remember Marcus Montell, and now – Ulrika Myhr is the same! Or actually worse, since she swings both ways.

At one of the many toga parties where everyone is wearing a pyjamas, Christoffer comes on to Hedvig the cow mascot with indecent proposals. We have found that she’s a real blond with green eyes, and Christoffer has blond hair and green eyes as recessive genes, so they should make babies!

Unfortunately, Hedvig doesn’t feel well and leaves early, so Christoffer ends the party in the bar, still a virgin. (No, he never woohooed Jill either). He’s a failed Romancer, but he seems happy anyway.

The next day we realize that Christoffer’s Hedvig and the cow mascot Hedvig is not the same person. The name Hedvig is not that common, so it’s understandable that we thought it would be the same one. Anyway, that’s an extra plus, since it would be annoying to have a cow mascot running around Mattsmyra, if they end up together.

They are certainly well underway! But they go slowly, nothing more happens.

Instead a smustle party breaks loose and Christoffer and Ulrika behave like teenagers.

But finally, on their 5th date or the like, ACR kicks in and Christoffer has his very first woohoo ever with Hedvig Huffelberg, Tri-Var member. That means that he cannot ask her to move in, and with the experience from Allegra Gast waaay back in my first Uni session, he won’t be able to ask her to move in later either, since she’s playable here at Uni. It means the Tri-Var house has to be played in the background to let Hedvig grow up with Christoffer.

Thomas is a bit ahead of the others and graduates when the rest of the bunch has half a semester left. He graduates in Mathematics without honours. He will move in with Molly Ljunggren in the new “townie house” and we’ll see from there what’ll happen in the future.

Then it’s Ulrika Myhr’s turn. She graduates MCL in Literature, missed one lousy point one semester.
And even though her fiancé Adam Wern is present at the party, Ulrika decides to take her graduation picture with Johannes Ljunggren, former townie and three-bolter. We’ll see where we end up when we get back to her heirloom Myren next round.
Then it’s Johannes Ljunggren’s turn to graduate. Just as Ulrika he missed one point along the way and graduated MCL in Biology.
During Johannes graduation party something happens between Christoffer and Hedvig to make them fall in love. I didn’t have time to see what before he turned to the bubble machine again.
Johannes takes his graduation picture with his good friend Melissa. They are not romantically involved at all, strangely enough for this Greek House J

The last one of the seniors of ’87 to graduate is Måns Ljunggren, who finishes his Drama studies without honours.

During Måns party, Christoffer has his premier woohoo with Jill, after months of loving her, or actually two years, since he first came to Uni.
Måns graduation picture was lost, but he took it with Melissa, his lover. He moved out to live with his sister Molly and brother Johannes in the “townie house”. Left at Helsinge Nation at the end of year ’87 are two Montell cousins only:

Melissa, Popularity, Psychology Senior, SCL 

Christoffer, Romance, Drama Junior, SCL



So let's move on to the main 'hood!


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