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Färila year 85-87, Winter Wedding

 Previously at Färila, Gustav did a half-hearted attempt to start his LTW of having 20 pet best friends. Then he left for Uni, and his story there you just read. Leif worked hard at Amelia's but had a hard time climbing the ranks of popularity. He did get a BestoftheBest award and a good review though! In his personal life he was successful and reached the Popularity IW of having 30 simultaneous best friends. Maja studied hard and worked hard in her Medical career and became Chief of Staff at 65. 

Leif Hartwig, 60, Popularity
Maja Hartwig, 69, Fortune

Here we go:

The elderly couple at Färila has had many good years and can now claim their respective secondary aspirations. Maja goes for Knowledge and Leif for Pleasure.

Leif works his store day in and day out. There are a lot of customers but the loyalty stars go up and down at the same rate, so no new levels are coming. We’re still at level 5.

Maja is still mostly a Fortune sim, and she’s giving a lot of financial advice over the internet to earn some extra money.

Here’s Maja’s complicated family tree. She’s got three biological children by two fathers, and one adopted son, you all know the story. By now Maja has three grand-children while Leif has none. We know that Elisabet is pregnant, though. Gustav will arrive home soon with his girlfriend Lena Berg.

Here they are! But Lena changed her hair again. We have to get her back to her candycotton pink so we recognize her!

That’s better! Lena’s LTW is to become a Rock God, and she wishes for jobs in the military or in dance, but none of those are available today.

Gustav has the most annoying LTW so far: He wants 20 pet best friends! The strategy is to invite people he knows who own pets, ignore the sim and play with the pet instead. Here it’s his sister Elisabet’s dog Jiingi from Lottefors.

He teaches the dog some tricks to build relation to her. That way I guess Elisabet’s family will have some use of Gustav’s interest, too.

Leif goes back to his store. Finally we reach level 6 at Amelia’s. Leif has been working very hard to get there, and there’s still more to be done to reach the top!

Back home, Gustav has a want to throw a party. Let’s make it a wedding party!

It’s an intimate and small indoor wedding, since it’s the dead of winter outside.
(And since my game crashed when I tried to teleport more people in). The female guests think that the bride is very hot!

On the 1st of February ’87, Gustav Hartwig kisses his wife Lena (Berg) for the first time. Lena, who is a Romancer, is of course not pleased, but in this house the kids’ name will be Hartwig, if there’ll be kids at all.

Then the first Mrs Hartwig decides to ”congratulate” the third one. Ida, that is not nice!

Then there’s cake!

And a traditional limo ride ends the rooflifter party, and this update. See you next time!

Färila after round 23:
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig
Lena (Berg) Hartwig

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