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Hamre year 85-87 - Employee of the Month?

 Previously at Hamre, Christoffer nearly became an orphan when his late mother Lotta scared his father Sebastian to death. Luckily he could defeat the Grim Reaper for his father's life. Then Lotta scared Christoffer too, but he survived. The Tobias the ghost scared the inhabitants, too.
Rut Mattsson, Sebastian's love interest since long before she was of age, moved in. Macke, the puppy grew up to a really big collie. Then we had a congested Family Sunday.

Sebastian Montell, 46, Romance
Rut Mattsson, 25, Fortune
Christoffer Montell, 18, Romance
Macke, the collie

The story:

Since she graduated, Rut has tried to find a job in the Architectual career, and today she found one, as an Architect.

Sebastian has a good day, too and gets promoted to Assistant Coach.

Christoffer will leave for Uni tonight, but first he orders a blind date from the gypsy. J68 doesn’t want him to date his second cousin Jenny Mattsson, even though they have two bolts. Mostly because she’s too young. Jill, who he gets from the gypsy is too old, though... (but as you all know, they meet again at Uni)

Then he claims his scolarships for grades, charisma, body and creativity and heads off to Uni, as we also already know, since we followed his first years there already.

When Christoffer leaves, Sebastian is left to take care of the dog, Macke. An outdoor hottub is bought, since it’s too much work to get Macke to come upstairs to get washed.

Then we pretend that we’re in a Knowledge house, since the main activity for the moment is skilling.

And after skill time, there’s play time.

And after play time it’s love time.

Lotta comes visiting at night, making beds and mopping puddles. Yay for neat ghosts! Macke looks sceptical.

Other visitors at night are not as pleasant!

After the fight, there’s a wild pursuit on foot

Or could have been. The officer in charge doesn’t even attempt to take up the chase. You won’t be elected Employee of the Month, Ramin Ceder!

Hamre after round 23:
Sebastian Montell
Rut Mattsson
Macke, the collie

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