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Holmsveden year 85-87 - No Jealousy

 Previously at Holmsveden, Alicia claimed a secondary aspiration of Popularity. Ralf found a Science job after 15 years of unemployment, and was racing up the ranks. Bertil grew up to a cute child. David got fired from his Music career for the umptieth time and comforted himself with sleeping with his mother-in-law. On Family Sunday, Bertil got to meet his Ottomas relatives.  

The Cast:
Alicia Mattsson, 72, Fortune/Popularity
Sofia Mattsson, 42, Pleasure
David Ottomas, 41, Popularity
Ralf Lilja, 42, Knowledge
Bertil Mattsson, 8

The story:

Daniel doesn’t let his grandson forget him. He scares him all the time. The poor child will be sleep deprived. If not dead.

So, since Daniel tried to scare the living daylights out of not only his grandson but also his daughter, a hypocrit mourning session is staged by morning. No one could care less, but if we’ll get a decent night’s sleep it’s worth it!
So, Daniel, if this isn’t enough, it’s off to the cemetary for you!

Then, when Bertil is off to school and Ralf is off to work, Sofia and David enjoy a physical date!

At night, when this house is most active, Bertil plays with building blocks and gets monitored by his very Indian looking Mormor. Except the fact that she’s in a wetsuit.

Then the adults all autonomously start a round of ”Don’t wake the llama”
Daniel seems calm tonight, maybe the mourning did the trick!

Ralf gets another promotion, to Project Leader, and plays a game of ”Don’t open your eyes” when he gets home. Maybe he thinks that “This job I can do blindfolded”.

Then the classical picture of kid with good grades and parents sleeping when he tries to tell them.

This house is so strange. There is no jealousy whatsoever. The inhabitants live according to the 60’s slogan Free Love for All!

Incredibly enough, David gets promoted to Concert Pianist. Today he didn’t lose his job due to a chance card, only two logic points...

Svea Rodiek came home with Bertil from school. It’s nice that they meet like this. She is a possible match for him when they grow up. And with that, we leave you for this round.

Holmsveden after round 23:
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson
Ralf Lilja
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson

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