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Österås year 85-87 - Addition to the Family

 Previously at Österås, Vera took a lot of men to her bed and ended up pregnant. Later she gave birth to a son, who she named Jörgen. His father is the notorious Cristopher Bardh. Elin, Vera's half sister moved in after college and started looking for a Science job. She also claimed a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese, and Jörgen grew up to toddler.

The Cast:

Vera Johansson, 42, Romance
Elin Tång, 27, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
Jörgen Johansson, 2

The story:

Her new secondary Grilled Cheese aspiration takes over Elin’s life. She wanted to talk to Thomas about Grilled Cheese. He didn’t want to hear it, but he could eat one, so Elin is still happy.

Vera is promoted to Superstar and brings Oscar Törnblad with her home.

When Vera starts teaching Jörgen a nursery rhyme, we find that we have yet another toddler with a Music&Dance hobby.

Oscar is not as gay as he thought. He lets Vera flirt with him and sucks it up. They end up with a mutual crush.

In the meantime, Elin reaches the top of the Science career when she gets promoted to Mad Scientist at age 28. 1p! Now she wants to become Hand of Poseidon.

And she’s lucky – she immediately finds a job as a deep sea fisherman.

Already on her first shift, Elin is promoted to Protector of Whales. But not even a protector of whales is free from chores like grocery shopping. In the wonderful late winter weather she arrives home, content with her day.

Then - Birthday!

His looks didn’t exactly improve… But I must say that I see a lot of his brother Noel in him.

As we remember, Jörgen’s father is the notorious Romancer Cristopher Bardh, and he’s got two adult brothers, Simon and Noel Bardh. Noel lives together with Jörgen’s mother Vera’s cousin, Caroline at Korskrogen, so he’s complicatedly related to Alexander and Maja Johansson, Noel and Caroline’s children.

So – my geneaology program tells me that Alexander is half nephew AND second cousin to Jörgen. Told you so!

Jörgen: ”Well, I’m alien breed, but YOU are just weird lady!”
Monica: “Aaah, life is good, I wish for nothing more than a birthday cake in the company of a half alien and a llama!”

In the meantime, Elin has decided that she wants Ralf Lilja more than as a friend.

And at the end of the day it is decided that Ralf moves in. They even wear matching shirts, so it's meant to be. It can become a bit complicated, since he’s Vera’s lover, too, but we’ll work something out. At least life at Holmsveden, where he moves from, will look more normal from now on...

Österås after round 23:
Vera Johansson
Ralf Lilja
Elin Tång
Jörgen Johansson

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