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Tallåsen year 85-87 - Random Kitten

 Previously at Tallåsen, Martin's flower shop reached level 10. He sold it and bought IKEA instead. He also reached the 100.000§ limit which was his IW. IKEA was brought to level 6. Melissa fell in love with her friend Måns Ljunggren. Family Sunday involved a lot of fun and games, for example winter bowling. 

Sofie Montell, 52, Fortune
Martin Montell, 50, Fortune
Gumman, the poodle

Where did Melissa go, you wonder?


J68 forgot to officially move her out to Uni and did so in the background before this update. But we have already seen her there, so it was not a very big surprise, right?

Sofie and Martin are still crazy about each other in their 50’s. They wish for nothing but to woohoo, time and time again. They nearly forget to eat!

Eventually, Sofie has to leave for work, which gives Martin time to go to IKEA. While ther, the level of the store rises to 7.

Back home, Sofie gets promoted to The Law, her second LTW and TOC at age 52. 1p!  Now she wishes to become the Hand of Poseidon.

Then it’s time for reconnection with old friends. Max Benett, who is married to Sofie’s sister Lena comes to visit. The three old friends have a nice evening, even if the food leaves something to be desired..

Sofie comes from the Berg clan, and is the eldest daughter of CAS child Maria Berg and her townie husband Orlando Ceder. Sofie’s got two sisters, Lena and Agnes, who are married to Max Benett and Georg Mattsson respectively.
Sofie and Martin’s daughter Melissa is the oldest of the cousins and attends Uni at the moment.

Martin is officially part of the Johansson clan, being the fourth child of CAS teen Inger Johansson. However, since Inger was named Montell by marriage and she was the mother of 6, we usually call her branch of the Johansson tree the Montell clan.

There must really be a lack of work force in the Oceanography career. Sofie finds a job almost immediately as a Sea Lice Research Assistant. It’s not a well paid job, but we all do it for the common good, right?

Martin goes back to IKEA when Sofie heads off for her first day of researching sea lice. While there, the store reaches level 8!

Sofie gets promoted to Dive Master on her first day. Not that it matters, since she alread collected all valid career points for this prosperity, but she likes it herself, careerist as she is.

Next thing we know, Sofie grows up very well to elder. For once, I really like her outfit! Red suits her.

Back at IKEA, the environmental score hit rock bottom. The reason was a broken sink in the restaurant. Luckily Martin is handy, and he’s got staff to take care of the mess.

And since both Martin and Sofie has wished, somewhat randomly, for aa kitten for some time, we end this update with the new addition to the house - Random, the kitten.

Martin is crazy about the kitten and just won’t put him down, so I guess he really, really wanted a kitten. Lets's see what the old dog Gumman thinks about this idea... Next time!

Tallåsen after round 23:
Sofie Montell
Martin Montell
Gumman, the poodle
Random, the kitten

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