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Ovanåker year 85-87 - Grade Warning

 Previously at Ovanåker, Elisabeth had another miscarriage, but also became pregnant twice again and gave birth to twin boys Charlie and Jacob, who grew up to toddlers. At the end of the round Linnea, a single girl was born.
Filip grew up to a gay Pleasure teenager. Jesper and Natalie grew up to children. Kevin got demoted at work. Ludvig grew up to a gay Fortune teenager.

The cast:

Elisabeth Burlin, 46, Family
Kevin Burlin, 46, Popularity
Filip Burlin, 16, Pleasure
Ludvig Burlin, 13, Fortune
Olle Burlin, 12
Jesper Burlin, 9
Natalie Burlin, 8
Charlie Burlin, 4
Jacob Burlin, 4
Linnea Burlin, 2
Sara, the cat

The Story:

Ludvig or his parents have never had the energy to teach him how to study as a kid, so it’s well about time now when he’s 13!

And it’s now official that Elisabeth is pregnant, with her last baby!

A very happy Olle represents the fact that the kids get a snow day off school. It can actually be needed to catch up with homework, mood and chores, even though it means having 8 children running around the house another day!

And while the friends outside the family soon will give up on this family, the family members stay good friends.

The birthday parade of this round starts on an unfortunate note when Elisabeth gets early cramps. And Olle doesn’t like cake.

Luckily it was false alarm on Elisabeth’s part, and Olle can be convinced to come to the cake.

Another Fortune Burlin! Where he will find a fat, athletic life companion is beyond me. I just say good luck!

Then it’s Linnea’s turn to become a toddler.

Linnea turns out to be an extremely outgoing Aries, and has yet another set of colouring in this family with her light skin, dark blue eyes and black hair.

In the narrow hallway of Ovanåker, Jacob and Linnea are working on their toddler skills. Jacob just found that him too has a Music&Dance hobby. It must be the most common hobby in Mattsmyra by now.

Their brother Charlie is skilling too, in another part of the house. He found a yellow block, I thought there were only green ones in this game!
Their older sister and four brothers are at school, so it’s pretty calm at Ovanåker today.

It’s a bit sweet, but at the same time sad, that it took Filip until the age of 17 to reach good grades. But that’s the way it is when you grow up in a struggling household, I guess. Elisabeth is still enornomusly pregnant.

The Fortune boys of the family have expressed a wish to go to private school, and the headmaster is invited. It’s Filip, the outgoing Pleasure sim that has to greet him when he arrives, though!

The headmaster likes the family, at least their house, their food and their coffee, so he admits the kids of age to his school. Charlie, Jacob and Linnea have to do a new try when they get of age.

That event triggers a streak of evil in Ludvig. He’s a completely ruthless Fortune sim, and wishes the living daylights out of his mother so that he can inherit her, thus become filthy rich.

Despite that, he’s a good enough big brother to help out when Charlie and Jacob have their birthday.

Charlie looks very much like his older brothers. Jacob at least has a different haircut, and he’s got the intense blue eyes of his father. He’s got charisma!

On Wednesday morning it’s finally time for the real thing! Elisabeth (Mattsson) Burlin’s last baby!

It’s actually two, and boys to that. They get Popular name no 32: Theodor, and Common name no 94: Roland.
They are born on the 3rd of February ’87 at 8.31 am.

In all the confusion the cake picture was lost, but the last birthday for these three days is Jesper becoming a teen. He chooses the Pleasure aspiration and turns on from fatness and underwear, but turns off from formal wear.

As a closure to this messed up update, we get Filip’s scolarships. It’s very well done of him to get three grants, for grades, body and dance. Growing up in this house and still finding time to develop!

And in the narrow hallway the kids gather again, for homework and games. Natalie has got a grade warning, so we’ll better get her homework done! We can’t afford to lose six kids because of her, and it would be extra tragical since she’s becoming a teen tomorrow!

Ovanåker after round 23:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Olle Burlin
Jesper Burlin
Natalie Burlin
Jacob Burlin
Charlie Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Roland Burlin
Sara, the cat

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