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Öljung year 85-87 - Break-up Athmosphere

 Previously at Öljung, Cristopher succeeded to reach his LTW of woohooing 20 different sims without getting caught by his wife Thea. Annika was fishing and playing chess. Simon worked in the Architect career and became a City Planner. Thea claimed a secondary aspiration of Pleasure, and Cecilia grew up to a stunning Fortune teen.

Thea Bardh, 72, Fortune/Pleasure
Cristopher Bardh, 72, Romance
Simon Bardh, 42, Knowledge
Annika Lind, 41, Romance
Cecilia Lind, 12, Fortune


Thea fills her aspiration panel (3p) and Cristopher claims a secondary aspiration of Grilled cheese.

Simon also claims a secondary aspiration, of Popularity. Maybe he can focus more on people than on books in the future.

Annika and Simon arrives home together, in a car that looks like the headmaster’s car. He is invited tonight. Annika is promoted to Assistant Coach and has only a few steps left to her dream of becoming a Hall of Famer.

Cecilia leads the housetour, which leaves the headmaster very pleased most of the time.

Fortune Farmor Thea cooks a nice salmon for the headmaster, but he drinks the coffee before dinner. Hope that will not hurt our score!

Eventually the headmaster digs in to the salmon. Cecilia does the dishes. She changed out of her nice little dress into her cool everyday clothes. Thea doesn’t leave the headmaster’s side. Will he be able to finish his dinner on time?

The headmaster did finish his dinner and thanked Thea warmly for the nice visit. He is glad to accept Cecilia in his school.

The relationship between Simon and Annika is not good. He turns her down when she asks him for a date. He’s still upset that she and his brother Noel flirted back at Korskrogen.

Simon and Noel are members of both the Myhr and the Mattsson clan. Their half brother Jörgen is member of the Johansson clan.

Annika comes from the small Lind clan, which consists only of the sims in this picture (plus David's two children)

Then Cristopher messes up his life by making out in the hottub with the maid. He must be getting senile to do such a thing in his own back yard! He managed to woohoo 20 sims without Thea catching him, and now this!

That night, Cristopher sleeps in a chair!

And Simon still refuses to sleep beside Annika and gets out of bed when she comes there.

While Simon works out his aggressions on the innocent sandbag, Cecilia designs a car.

By some strange reason, Cecilia never had top grades until now. Her mother Annika congratulates her, as usual dressed in pyjamas.

And a while later, Annika and Simon make up. He’s still very upset with her, but apparently he doesn’t say no to woohoo her. And it also seems he’s not been completely faithful himself. However, the Simgodess doesn’t even remember last time he met Agnes, his other lover.
Maybe it happenend in college, where all sorts of strange relationships form.

Öljung after round 23:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Annika Lind
Cecilia Lind

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