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Färila Monday-Wednesday (year 15-17)


Ida Mattsson has left Mattsgården and moved to her own house, called Färila. What that means nobody knows, but probably it has something to do with cattle or goats (fä = animal, usually used for domestic barn yard animals).
Ida has got the flu and should stay in bed, but a really hot guy passed by outside, and she couldn’t resist greeting him. Lasse Hartwig is a two-bolter for Ida, this could be her future husband, if she doesn’t choose to develop her career instead. She wants to be a Chief of Staff, but is currently unemployed.

Eventually Ida gets a job as Medical Technician. First workday is Wednesday.

Lasse likes Ida a lot, and gets a crush on her.

And Ida gets her first kiss, at the age of 28. There has not been a lot of time for romance during her teen years.
Despite that, they both look like teenagers.

Färila after round 4:
Ida Mattsson
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