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Storfallet year 85-87 - Robin Leaves

Previously at Storfallet, Robin wrote the bestselling sci-fi novel Riddles and reached his LTW of becoming a Criminal Mastermind. Konrad and Kersting were co-skilling and Kerstin started a new career in Dance and became an elder. Britta worked the Round Barn from level 3 to 10 with the help of Zeeshan. Then she sold it off and bought the spa instead. The cowplant Nicholas (in a) Cage nearly ate Noel Bardh, the father of Robin's grand-children.


Robin Logren, 77, Fortune
Britta Logren, 67, Fortune
Konrad Platz, 67, Knowledge
Kerstin Tidholm, 56, Knowledge


Robin and Britta takes the chance to have a morning woohoo before she heads off to her new spa.

First order of events is of course to re-employ Zeeshan. He’s got gold badges in register and sales by now, and a bronze badge in restocking.

She also employs a girl named Tilda Sax, who she puts on sales duty.

And soon we have level 1

Back home, we have a sad moment when Robin Logren, former townie teen, draws his last breath and leaves this earth, although in a platinum mood at age 78. 1p! His date of death is January 15th ’85. He leaves behind his wife Britta, his daughter Caroline and his two grand-children Alexander and Maja.

After the funeral, Britta continues her life’s work and goes back to the spa, where Tilda helps raising the score to level 2.

Tilda is an asset for Britta’s business as well as Zeeshan, so the level reaches 3 before closing time.

Back home, the Knowledgers are working on their skills. Kerstin maxes her Charisma, but still has quite a few skills more to master.

It gives her enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese, though!

With his last body point, Konrad maxes all his skills and reaches his lifetime want. 1p! Since it is also the Knowledge IW, we get another 3p!

Back at the spa, Tilda is behind another raise of the level to 4.

And at home, Britta lifts off for her one-day-a-week Ecological Guru job. I hope she works indoors, the uniform isn’t particularly suitable for the Swedish winter.

Konrad, who is now fully learned, has started to wish for other things than skilling. For example to invite over his old friend Christel. She is hot! They spend the afternoon tickling each other and telling dirty jokes. Konrad never had so many wishes regarding Kerstin.

Then Robin makes his presence known. Kerstin is of course pleased, since she’s a Knowledge sim.
And there we come to an abrupt end of this update.

Storfallet after round 23:
Britta Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm

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