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Vallsta year 85-87 - Changes

 Previously at Vallsta, Jonas and Christel claimed their secondary aspirations of Pleasure and Romance respectively. That spiced up their lives a bit with public woohoo and dating each other.

Christel Garpheden, 67, Fortune/Romance
Jonas Carlzon, 65, Fortune/Pleasure

Christel has developed wants revolving around Konrad Platz since the nice afternoon she had at his house recently.

So she invites him over and the shit hits the fan immediately. She could have been a little more discreet.

But after smacking her up a bit, Jonas finds Christel hot again.

She however has plans of her own and takes Konrad to her bed.

Jonas gets fed up with it all and goes on an outing with his friend Theresa, wo noone else in Mattsmyra knows. I have no idea where he met her or how long he knew her. They are BFF’s though, and have one bolt

Christel’s secondary Romance aspiration plays a bigger and bigger part of her life, and she continues her seduction of men she likes. The innocent Family townie Dreven is an easy victim.

Christel’s fixed up car Silver Lightning comes in handy when Jonas occupies the doublebed inside the house. Dreamdate ahead!

Then Christel heads off to work and has the nerve to get upset when Jonas has a date, when she just finished her dreamdate with Dreven. Jonas has found that he’s got three bolts with Dora Ottomas, who we all know, and who is the great-grandmother of Bertil Mattsson of Holmsveden.

Jonas ends his date with Dora, which ended up being silly, and maxes his Creativity skill instead. He seems to be a Knowledge sim in disguise, always wanting to skill. And with this completely new row of events we leave this usually incredibly boring house and look forward to next time!

Vallsta after round 23:

Christel Garpheden

Jonas Carlzon

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