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Sörbo year 85-87 - Party Reasons

 Previously at Sörbo, Adam and Aron moved to Uni. Ingeborg and Jerry enjoyed their time alone together, but not for long before it was family Sunday. Benny the dog refused to eat and was taken away, missed by no one. Jerry reached the top of the Entertainment (or is it Show business?) career and became an Icon.

Ingeborg Wern, 62, Popularity
Jerry Wern, 61, Family

Ingeborg and Jerry live alone at Sörbo when the round starts. It will not last more than one year though. Then Aron will be back for good and Adam temporarily, while waiting for Ulrika Myhr to graduate.

They are looking forward to all the grandchildren to come. Especially Jerry of course, being Family and all.

Ingeborg is the youngest daughter of CAS adult Magnus Berg. She’s got two sisters – Maria who isn’t with us anymore and who was a CAS child, and Susanne. Ingeborg met Jerry in college and they have four children. Gerd is married and recently gave birth to twins, Alf and Ingela. Louise lives with her girlfriend My and the boys Aron and Adam are seniors at college.

Ingeborg, forever Popularity sim, invites the children for an anniversary dinner. A party is always fun!

Cheers for past and future happiness!

Then the boys arrive home, all graduated from college. That means Jerry now has four children who graduated from college and thus fulfilled his LTW with margin. 1p!
Adam will stay here during this round, and then we’ll see next round if Ulrika Myhr wants him to move in with her or if he’ll have to find another destiny.
Aron will immediately arrange a wedding party!

Adam is a Pleasure sim, but is eager to start a professional life anyway. His LTW is to become a Game Designer, but he would also like to try a career in Crime. Or as a Slacker. Or maybe in the military? Or in Dance?
He ends up accepting a job as a Freelance Photographer in the Slacker career, that sounded like fun!

Aron’s LTW is the Fortune IW, to make 100.000§. He wants to do that in nearly any career.
It will probably be pretty easy for him, he already made over 50.000§, doing Sims know what. His locked want is to make 62.500§.
He accepts a position as a Family Law Attorney in the Legal career, it seems to fit him.

And while Aron prepares for his wedding, Adam bootycalls his fiancée Ulrika. That looks good for the future.

Then the wedding party starts. Annika looks stunning in her dress made of silver lace, and Aron matches her in his tuxedo.

May I present Mr and Mrs Wern!

And Annika congratulates herself on marrying a rich sim.

And in their newly decorated bedroom they start immediately to produce the six children Annika wants to marry off.

All the guests, and most of all, the parents, want to congratulate the young couple.


And off with the limo!

Annika was brought up as daughter number two in the Sandvall house. Her mother Barbro was named Montell as a child. Her father David is a former townie. Annika has one sister, Märta, who she lived with one year after Uni, and twin brothers who are still teens and live with their parents.

It’s remarkable how similar Aron’s family is to Annika’s. Born-in-game mother and townie father, two sisters and twin brothers... The Wern kids are a bit older, that’s the only difference.

The Wern brothers follow each other and get promoted at the same time. Adam become a webdesigner and Aron an International Corporate Lawyer.

And we end this update with hopes for a new generation at Sörbo next round, since Annika is pregnant!

Sörbo after round 23:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Adam Wern
Aron Wern
Annika (Sandvall) Wern

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