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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 85-87 - Lovisa and Others

The LJ-cuts are just not working properly, OR j68 has a competence problem. Therefor, no cuts in this update, sorry about that!

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen
, Engla worked hard in the Intelligence career, and ultimately reach the position Head of SCIA. Elmer and Tessa had a loving relationship in their elder years and Tessa claimed a secondary aspiration of Family. Lovisa and Hugo skilled. Then the parrot Percy died. 


Tessa Tång, 68, Fortune/Family
Elmer Tång, 65, Family
Hugo Mattsson, 39, Knowledge
Engla Mattsson, 39, Knowledge
Lovisa Mattsson, 11

Elmer continues to play the piano every waking moment. Lovisa does a homemade dance while waiting to become a teenager.

Then she’s joking and playing with Mormor Tessa. They have a very close bond those two.

And later, skilling with her parents. She will have excellent scolarships this girl

Engla reaches the Knowledge IW, which was her second LTW by maxing her cooking skill, and without even getting dressed that day! 3p! Which gives her enough aspiration to claim a secondary aspiration of Popularity.

Then the moment we have waited for - Lovisa's birthday party!

I had to give you a bigger picture than I usually do for aspirations. Just look at Engla’s reaction to her daughter’s transition!
Engla: “My Sim! My baby is nearly a grown up woman!”
Lovisa rolls the Fortune aspiration. Knowledge would have been even better, but what can you do? She turns on from black haired good cooks and turns off from full face make-up.

Then birthday dinner of comfort soup is served. Formal wear is... optional.

By morning, Elmer wishes for a new bird to succeed the late Percy. He buys a cookatoo he names Cheesecake.

After school Lovisa invites her childhood friend Pontus for a date, to check if there is a spark. There is one... Anyway, the main reason for going was to buy a phone, and they do have a nice time.

And at the end of the date it seems they really DO want each other!

So be it!

And then, as a true Fortune teen, Lovisa wants to attend private school.

Despite the fact that Ville refused to look at the house, claiming he “already seen it”, Lovisa is accepted in his school, thanks to the charms of Mormor Tessa.

Hugo reaches his goal of becoming a Mad Scientist at age 41. 2p! He now wants to become a City Planner.

Lovisa: ”Look! Outside the window, it’s the SimGodess!”
Cousin Jesper Burlin: “Huh?!”
But she really just wanted to cheat in chess.

Jesper: ”Hey! You’re not allowed to do that!”
Lovisa: “Why not? I’m not cheating more than you do!”
Which is true. They’ve got one nice point each.

Then we have cheating of a different kind. WT... Engla?! Do you have a midlife crisis or is it the return of the Knowledge Romancer Marcus Montell?! Hugo is at work, yes, but the rest of the family is right here!

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 23:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Mattsson
Lovisa Mattsson

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