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Runemo year 85-87 - Going Steady

Previously at Runemo, Barbro and Annika worked the garden. Annika left for college. Oliver and Pontus played chess and had philosophical discussions. Then they grew up to Knowledge teens. David was skilling. Then we had the disastous Marcus Montell, Barbro's nephew, visiting on family Sunday, and he messed up his marriage with Elisabet.

Barbro Sandvall, 61, Family
David Sandvall, 61, Knowledge
Pontus Sandvall, 14, Knowledge
Oliver Sandvall, 14, Knowledge


We remember clearly last lot, when Lovisa initiated a romance with her childhood friend Pontus. He clearly wants it to continue. He wants to attend Private school just like her, and he wants to go steady with her.

And that day after school he asks her and she says yes.

The headmaster is invited and Oliver gets the mission to take care of him.

Oliver’s nice greeting by the car gave 12 schmooze points and the housetour 48. The trick was Barbro’s marvellous turkey, though, which gave 52 food points. And the boys are accepted. Lovisa, Pontus' nowadays steady girlfriend is still here.

To celebrate their sons’ success, or maybe just because, Barbro and David tries to have some time just for themselves, but the neglected cat Cosmos chooses this very instant to misbehave.

While her Knowledge husband and Knowledge sons skill, Family oriented Barbro tries to make friends with her niece Siri Törnblad, her sister Anna’s daughter. You know the family tree, you’ve seen it often enough. :)

And there we end this short update and travel further down the road.

Runemo after round 23:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Cosmos, the cat

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