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Svedja year 85-87 - Ghost Dog

Previously at Svedja, Falco the dog died. Wilhelm and Oscar left for college. Siri played football and grew up to teen. Then she played matchmaker between her friend Cecilia Lind and cousin Oliver Sandvall. Then we had a big burglary and finally Anna and Allan grew up very well to elders.

Allan Törnblad, 54, Knowledge
Anna Törnblad, 54, Family
Oscar Törnblad, 23, Popularity
Siri Törnblad, 14, Romance

Oscar has just moved back home to his parents’ house, where also his little sister still lives. In one year’s time, Oscar’s boyfriend Love will move here too, and Oscar can hardly wait.

Allan is a real Knowledge sim, fixing the broken stuff around the house himself. Siri cleans up the mess after her father.

Oscar’s LTW is to become a Hall of Famer, and he looks for a job in the Athletics career. He is accepted on the team as a Superstar, directly out of college. He has to have played with the University team while there!

Anna is promoted to Animal Linguist and brings her sister Barbro with her home.

One year passes quickly, and here is Love (Lou-veh) Carlsson of the Mattsson clan, Oscar’s fiancé. He’s a Fortune sim who is a successful author already, and who wants to become Hall of Famer.

There are no Athletic jobs available, so instead he starts a new novel, about the haunting of the dog that occurs at this lot, and about the lack of winter weather.

And while the serious Love continues to write, hour after hour, the more playful Oscar and Siri enjoy a smustle. Except that’s not true. Oscar is the serious one and Love the playful one, like Siri.

Also Allan gets to see the ghost dog of Svedja, but he’s a Knowledge sim, so he loves every moment of it!

Anna is the sunniest sim j68 ever had. She’s always happy, always loving and warm-hearted. She’s on the phone with Emilia, Love’s mother. They have been friends forever, and the boys actually met through their mothers. 

Anna is child number 3 of the Montells. Her LTW is to have 6 grand-children. Her and Allan’s son Wilhelm started right out of college with two – Niklas and Robert. Oscar will hardly have any children at all, and Siri’s still young. We’ll see if Anna gets her wish. She’s not very old , and Wilhelm’s wife Monica is a family sim, so it might work out.

Then, Love’s novel is finished. It’s a bestseller of course. He’s got the Midas touch at the moment. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Svedja after round 23:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Siri Törnblad

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