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Los year 85-87 - Giant Family

Previously at Los, Love moved to University. Patric claimed a secondary aspiration of Family after acheiving the Knowledge IW, and started a new career in education. We had a stalkery burglar and a good police officer. Berit started sleeping in her parents' bed after the incident. Emilia cooked Grilled Cheese for her family and friends. Emilia and Patric became elders.

Emilia Carlsson, 54, Grilled Cheese
Patric Carlsson, 54, Knowledge/Family
Berit Carlsson, 11

Berit, the Los oops baby learnt how to study, but is still painfully slow with her homework. She never reached a grade higher than C either. She struggles with intellectual tasks!

Emilia works in the Adventure career, just to do something with her life in between Grilled cheese meals. Today she got promoted to International Sim of Mystery and brought her son Love’s father-in-law with her home. Her next shift starts immediately.

Patric gets promoted to Dean of Students and brings Emilia’s sister Elisabeth with him home. Maybe it’s because it’s Berit’s birthday tonight, finally. It seems she’s been a child forever.

After her second shift the same day, Emilia is promoted again, to Space Pirate, which is the top of the Adventure career. 1p! Allan is tagging along again.

And then it's time for Berit's birthday!

And j68’s die has got stuck on a new aspiration – another Fortune teen! Maybe she’s inspired by her elder brother Love who is a successful author and Fortune sim.
She turns on from fatness and brown hair but turns off from logic. Maybe she wants a Pleasure sim?

Berit and Emilia continues to have a close relationship even after Berit becomes a teen.

Saturday morning Berit has decided on her LTW, which is to become the Head of SCIA, and that she wants to attend private school, so she invites the headmaster for dinner.


Berit is attentive to headmaster BJ and shows him the house while Patric cooks salmon. BJ seems to like Berit a lot.

In the end we have 29 schmooze-points and a total score of 123. Good job, guys!

Patric is very happy that his daughter is accepted and can fill his aspiration panel. 3p!

Berit rolls the want to receive the young entrepreneur’s grant, and applies for a job in Intelligence. Then she applies for the scolarship, but apparently she’s not qualified for it yet. Guess she needs to reach the top first.

Emilia is the oldest child of CAS toddler Loke Mattsson and his wife townie Barbara. Emilia has two children and her brothers have one daughter each, while her sister Elisabeth has 11!

This lot is out of sync when it comes to the weekdays, so now – Family Sunday! 

Hugo’s wife Engla and Georg’s wife Agnes are not exactly the best of friends.

The whole day turns out to be a bit awkward and not relation building.

Patric works Sunday and comes home promoted to Education Minister at age 56. This is his second TOC, so we get 1p.

By dinnertime the athmospehere is better, and Emilia has had the chance to cook Grilled Cheese for all, so eventually it’s a nice family Sunday!

Los after round 23:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Berit Carlsson

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