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Rävkullen year 85-87 - Girl Meets Boy

Previously at Rävkullen, the cousins were fighting at family Sunday. Stina grew up to toddler and then a child, being the spitting image of her father Max. Emmy grew up to a Romance teen, being the spitting image of her mother Lena. Lena reached the top of the Military career and became a General. Thea Mattsson nearly ended up in bed with Max, but nothing really inappropriate happened.

Ricky Cormier, 67, Romance
Max Benett, 50, Fortune
Lena Benett, 47, Popularity
Emmy Benett, 12, Romance
Stina Benett, 7

The update starts on a happy note, when Max comes home promoted to Assistant Coach.

Meanwhile, the ladies of the house socializes. Lena plays a bit of Red Hands with Stina, before it’s time to deal with the homework, and Emmy talks on the phone with the hottest guy she knows – Vidar Rodiek.
Unfortunately he’s meant for Jenny Mattsson, but we’ll see in the future. 

The last inhabitant, Ricky, Max’ biological father, has switched day and night. When the rest of the family’s asleep, he’s up, eating cookies and dreaming of past and future conquests.

Saturday morning, the Benett sisters have a lazy breakfast in their underwear, before starting their activities for the day.

In the long list of sims that the SimGodess keeps we find Olle Burlin that would be of correct age for Emmy. She wanted a date, so she invited him to go to the electronics shop and buy a cellphone, and to check him out. There is one bolt only, but we’ll see. Stranger things has happened.

At least she buys him a cellphone. The Burlin household is always so chaothic that no one can leave the house, so most likely he doesn’t own one. Then the date time is up, since Malcolm’s staff is incredibly slow at the register, if they’re there at all.

A new date takes the young ones to Amelia’s to buy some clothes for Emmy. The ones she wears are not exactly flattering...

Stina spends Saturday with her new-found friend Svea Rodiek. They have serious conversations like only 8-year-olds can, they play in the snow and indoors.

By Saturday night, it’s time for some kitchen duty. Lena cooked pork chops for all, but apparently Emmy doesn’t like that, but cooks some spaghetti instead, while Max is working on his mechanics skills on the broken faucet.

In preparation of Family Sunday, we repeat the family trees. This is Max’ adoptive family. I think there’s time to do a special update on this messy family and put in the Extra Materials...
Anyway, Max’ biological half-sister Caroline is not seen here. Instead we see his cousin/adopted sister Åsa Benett, and his half-siblings by his adoptive mother Maja, Elisabet and Gustav Hartwig.
Åsa has one daughter, Frida,  and Max has two daughters, Emmy and Stina. Elisabet and Gustav are both recently married and haven’t had time to breed yet.

Lena’s family is simpler. She’s part of the Berg clan, even if her maiden name was Ceder after her townie father Orlando. She’s got two sisters and two aunts alive, and the four cousins are all girls – Melissa Montell, Emmy Benett, Stina Benett and Jenny Mattsson.

Family Sunday. Instead of changing into their outer wear, all the relatives start swooning over each other. There are three hot ladies, but only one man apparently! Noel is without competition!

It doesn’t look like she wants it, but Maja stops being enemies with Agnes. No idea why they were enemies in the first place!

Then Olle calls and asks Emmy for a date. They go to the bowling alley, which seems appropriate for teens.

Soon they quit the bowling for kissing, though… There might be a future for these two after all!

The evening ends with the young couple becoming best friends, and Emmy asking Olle to come home with her. And we have another budding playable romance!

Rävkullen after round 23:
Ricky Cormier
Max Benett
Lena Benett
Emmy Benett
Stina Benett

The cuts are still behaving strangely - sorry for not being smart enough to figure it out :s

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