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Gondolkanalen 74 year 85-87 - Snowy Days

Previously at Gondolkanalen, Malcolm visited his Electronics shop. Malva spent time with her twin brother Sebastian. Siv grew up to a Family teen and lost her virginity to a college boy she hardly knew. Helena learnt to study. Then we had a Montell family Sunday.

Malcolm Markövertag, 46, Fortune
Malva Markövertag, 46, Fortune
Siv Markövertag, 15, Family
Helena Markövertag, 11


The girls have a snowday, and Siv takes the opportunity to invite her college lover Lars-Erik Knutsson. She’s completely mad about him, and is all over him despite that they’re not even best friends yet!

Unfortunately Lars-Erik forgot to take a shower before he left campus, and leaves almost immediately. Or, he’s not as crazy about Siv as she is about him...

Malcolm comes home promoted to Getaway Driver, and is catching up on Malva again. They’re now at the same level.

That night it’s time for the youngest Montell cousin to become a teenager. Congratulations, Helena!

She grows up very well and chooses an aspiration that’s not too common – Popularity! She turns on from logical blonds and turns off from formal wear. Her LTW is to get 20 pet best friends! :s 
That means she'll probably get rerolled in college...

Malcolm and Malva both leave for work, and thus, the Police arrive to break up the teenage party. Siv still works on becoming best friends with Lars-Erik.

At 6am, Malva and Malcolm arrives home. They both bring friends, but WHY is the paper girl a work friend of Malva's?

The girls get another snowday. What’s wrong with this society? There is snow outside, yes, but there should be some people plowing away the snow, too.

Well, it gives Siv another chance to try to become best friends with Lars-Erik.

And today is the day when Siv finally reaches her goal to become best friends with Lars-Erik.

Helena spends her day off practising the piano, and maxes her Creativity skill while at it.

Then she decides to change her looks, and proves to be a very beautiful teen, especially considering what she looked like growing up.

Malcolm has a streak of bad luck and gets demoted all the way back to Con Artist due to a chance card.

Wednesday the girls finally go to school. Spring is in the air and they are playful when they get home with new homework. Siv longs for a kiss, probably from Lars-Erik, but Helena hasn’t started thinking about stuff like that yet, she’s only 13.

Siv thinks of little less. She’s really determined to make Lars-Erik her own.

Malva’s luck in the job department is even worse than her husband’s. She gets demoted all the way back to pickpocket due to a chance card. The paper girl still works in the Criminal career, apparently...

And there this short update is over and we continue to new households.

Gondolkanalen after round 23:
Malcolm Markövertag
Malva Markövertag
Siv Markövertag
Helena Markövertag

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