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Långhed year 85-87, Unintended Love

Previously at Långhed, Oscar, Vidar and Saga grew up to Pleasure, Pleasure and Fortune teens and had no money to buy cell phones. Svea grew up to child and Moa and Matilda were born. And that was really all that happened.

Agnes Rodiek, Family, 45
Kevin Rodiek, Family, 45
Oscar Rodiek, Pleasure , 16
Saga Rodiek, Fortune, 13
Vidar Rodiek, Pleasure, 13
Svea Rodiek, 8
Moa Rodiek, 1
Matilda Rodiek, 1


Vidar is a Pleasure sim and loves to hear the news that the kids get a snowday Monday!

That means all the kids are chilling without even getting dressed, playing games all day long.

Agnes is happy, even though she got fired from the damn sporks of steel chance card!
If the family didn’t need the money she could be unemployed, but we have to find someting new for her!

By afternoon, the snow has disappeared enough to let the headmaster visit. Saga is delighted.

And all the school aged children are accepted. Pork chops is the trick.

Then it’s Moa’s birthday. Vidar takes her to the cake.

Oscar helps Matilda.

It doesn’t matter how much the guests are cheering her on, Matilda refuses to grow up.

Agnes has to do it another time.

This time it works, and Matilda gets another haircut than Moa. She’s a non-extreme Sagittarius and has her mother’s eyes and her father’s hair.

Here’s Moa with smartmilk glow. She’s got the longer toddler hair, but her colours are the same as Matilda’s. Moa is an extremely outgoing and extremely playful Gemini, and at the same time very grouchy.

Kevin: ”Someone! Help! SimGodess! I just fell in love with my college professor, what am I going to do?!”
The Professor autonomously jumped into Kevin’s arms, and Kevin didn’t drop him on the floor, but fell in love with him instead. Luckily it’s not Kevin who has an LTW of Golden Anniversary, maybe it would be futile if you have more than one love.

Just as the kids are finally going to school the next morning, the gyps lady comes by with a genie lamp for the family’s hobby pursuits.

Agnes is back in the saddle and finds a new job in Culinary, as a sous-chef. It fits with her True Hobby.

Svea brings Charlie Burlin with her home from school. He’s frozen blue! You better stay here until you thaw, so you don’t get youself and your siblings taken away!

Kevin: ”This has been a great week… My Sim, who built that hideous snowman?! Is it a revenge for my falling in love with Professor Köling?!”
Kevin becomes paranoid and an interpretative dancer at the same time.

With two family sims in the house, there is always comfort soup served. Since all unplayables constantly bring the flu to the house it’s needed. Saga has some dinner with her friends Alexander and Victoria.

Svea: “I’m a really good girl now when I learnt to study, am I not?”
Agnes: “It’s always good to know how to study, I’m so proud of you!”

Kevin has a day off and spends it with his youngest daughters. He’s teaching Matilda to talk.
Kevin: “Say Pappa!”
Matilda: ...

When the teens arrive home, their stats are checked. We find that Vidar has the hots for Sara Montell, and since he wants a date he invites her. They have two bolts. This is not what the simGodess intended. Sara, or one of her cousins Siri or Siv was meant for Oscar, Vidar’s brother.

Oscar on the other hand claims to have the hots for Emmy even though there is only one bolt. It would however be fun to pair up Oscar and Emmy and put them in the Show Business career :)

Vidar is determined to make his date with Sara a dreamdate. He wants to make out with her, but first they need to get past their first kiss!
At least his first...

And at the end of the day we have love!

Oscar doesn’t mind having minimal experience of love, because he’s going to Uni and can have as much as he wants there!

Bye Oscar! See you next round in Uni!

Långhed after round 23:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Saga Rodiek
Vidar Rodiek
Svea Rodiek
Moa Rodiek
Matilda Rodiek

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